Sunday, October 27, 2013

Generation 5.1

In the last chapter, Alec from generation 5 finally got married to Ashley Alto Rodel just a few days before adulthood. His Aunt Blossom passed away during his wedding at the Cartwright mansion, leaving behind her husband, Benjamin the faerie. Who is getting on ASimWen's nerves. Time for him to go. 

However I did feel kinda sorry for him when he took Blossom's place in the rocking chairs on the ghost porch. He looked so lost.  Normally if left to his own devices he can be found bouncing around in front of the radio dancing like a mad man.  He is one of those Sims that just gets on my nerves.  I was just going to let him move out...but then I decided I needed to move on with getting ghost colors.

One of the easiest deaths to get in TS3 is Death by Rant.  I figured since Benjamin was broken hearted about Blossom meeting Grim, he was probably a little mad at Grim.  Up on the soapbox he went!

Rant, rant, rant.  Grim came almost immediately to warn don't rant Grim.

Geoff was on hand to witness the bawling out Benjamin received from Grim.  "Mr. Cartwright, if you fail to stop bad mouthing me, The GRIM REAPER, I shall take your soul prematurely and you will never see your family again."

Benjamin went right back to ranting.  You shouldn't test Grim...Benjamin.  This time more family members were on hand to witness the rant, and coming  death of Ben Cartwright.

Gone forever....buh-bye, Benjamin.

Just as Grim poofs away. Ashley gets abducted.  hehehe!

Okay, so we skip all the tears and gnashing of teeth concerning Benjamin's death.  Moving on.

Alec and Ashley's child was born, a beautiful little girl named Penney.  I have to say, Alec is a wet blanket sort.   That is just the impression I get.

Fast forward to Penney's toddler birthday.  Typical Cartwright, blonde hair fair skin, but has her mother's brown eyes.

Wow who woulda thunk that toads were so big?  I just had to snap this picture.  This is Nervous Subject from Midnight Hollow.  Played there for a while after installing  Into The Future.  Back to the Cartwrights.

Alec decided to try out the time traveling portal which magically appeared in the Cartwright back yard.  He landed safely in Oasis Landing.  He had a short meeting with Emit Relevart the Time Traveler, who explained alot of things about time traveling and how what he is doing in the present affects the future for the Cartwright Clan.  Emit also explained the Cartwrights were one of the most successful families in Oasis Landing.  So, Alec decided to check them out.

This is the Cartwright home.  Alec flew there using a jet pack he was given by Emit to try out.

He met Ryan Cartwright who looked alot like Alec's great great Uncle Henry.

Then, there was Josie Cartwright, who look suspiciously like his grandma Kayley Cartright.  Last but not least was..

Lucy Cartwright, who bore a striking resemblance to Wendy Cartwright, Alec's great grandmother.

His curiosity satisfied that the Cartwright would go on for generations, Alec visited the Oasis Landing courthouse to do a little research about the past.

Then he visited the Plumbot Arena to take in a competition.  Upon the game ending, Alec decided it was time to catch a bite of dinner, so off to The Utopian he went.

There he met another descendant, Racheal Cartwright. 

It seems that the Cartwrights are brunette in the future.

Alec was glad to meet Racheal.  She was very friendly and chatty.  She explained that she was a descendent of (Plantsim) Geoff Cartwright. 

Alec noted that the Landgrabbs had also prospered into the future.  He found Cheryl Landgrabb and

Timothy Landgrabb.

Alec decided it was time to go back to his the present.  Upon arrival back at the Cartwright mansion, Ashley asks Alec to run to the store to get Penney some milk.  Alec also picks up a lotto ticket, just for fun.

It also just happens to be Love Day and the two plantsims in the house Elsa and Geoff began blowing flower kisses at each other.  HUH?????  Oh wait...each Plantsim was pulled up out of the ground by different people, and so no relation to each other.  The faerie Benjamin is Geoff's parent, and Blossom was Elsa's parent.  The game does not show Elsa and Geoff as siblings.  Thus, Racheal Cartwright in the future who is not related to the main branch of the Cartwrights.

Well, somebody said something that was not agreeable, and Elsa had decided this was a little weird.  She pushes Geoff away.

In the meantime...
Alec won the lotto.  That info he picked up at the courthouse at the Oasis Landing courthouse really helped!  He immediately donated $50,000 simoleons to the Plan The Future Fund.

Emit the Time Traveler appears to Alec that night and tells him that a statue has been erected in his honor in Oasis Landing for his philanthropic activities.  Alec needed to come back right away. 

Alec had his birthday amidst all this time traveling.  Alec the adult. 

In the meanwhile, Alec's wife Ashley finds Geoff the Plantsim disgusting.  This is a mystery around the Cartwright house because Geoff is a really buff and muscular guy.  Perhaps she doesn't understand why he ignores her when she is parading around the kitchen in her skimpy underwear.

And this is where we leave the Cartwrights for this chapter.  Alec did a lot of things while in the future:

 He used a jet pack to get around,

He used this counter gadget to make a synthesized drink,

He met a plumbot and added traits to it.  These were all challenges issued by Emit.  He also investigated a wreck in the Wastelands.

Alec Cartwright, the Philanthropist.

I am sure that when the Completion Challenge rules are updated for Into The Future, Alec will have contributed alot of points.  So far I am loving this EP, and can't wait to explore it further.

I am having a strong hankering to view the flick Back To The Future.  Hmmm...maybe make Sims of Marty McFly and Doc? (Scientist Emmet?)    hehehe!


This is the first night that Benjamin the Faerie came out to haunt.  Many of the Cartwrights here haunting, and it was a full moon besides so there were a few zombies around.  Ben was still as big a coward as ever, and fainted every time he saw a ghost.  It is a mystery why Humphrey Cartwright the ghost is laying on the ground, he was not a coward...and why the zombie in the background is laying on the ground too.  ???  But what a busy night at the Cartwright's.  Everyone stayed inside.

That's it!  Keep on Simmin'!