Monday, September 2, 2013

Generation 5

Hello Cartwrights!  Welcome to Isla Paradiso!

The Cartwrights have moved from Sunset Valley to the new world in Island Paradise.  In the last chapter, it was explained how their neighborhood was getting quite sketchy and unplayable.  FYI, I made a copy of them and moved them between worlds via the 1.55 patch.  While everything in the Cartwright house was moved including the squirrel and chipmunk that happened to be scampering around in the yard at the time, the tombstones of prior generations did not.  ASimWen loves her ghosts.  So, the entire house was moved.

The Cartwrights have a beautiful cliff lot overlooking the ocean.  Being that their lot is flat, I could not find a nice flat beach lot for them, and my skills with Edit World are not that good.  So here we are.  A cliff lot with a Beautiful Ocean View.

However, it was not meant to be.  The same problems the Cartwrights had were still present.  The first thing I noticed was the school buses did not come for the children.  They were taking taxis to school and riding their bicycles.  That meant only one thing.  A move to a new lot.  And so it was. 

Another cliff side home, three bedrooms two bath.  A third floor was added for all the skilling equipment the Cartwrights owned, a mausoleum was built for the Cartwright anscestors with plenty of rocking chairs for the ghosts.  A gardening plot was laid out for Else, who's LTW is Perfect Garden.  Hopefully, this should do it.  *fingers crossed*.

I was however adept enough with Edit World to place the gypsy trailer on a beach lot with a big slope to the ocean.  I figured that is where I might find a gypsy.  Back in Sunset Valley the gypsy was in the woods with chickens and a bee hive.  Here in Isla Paradiso, it is placed with a boardwalk complete with a hot tub and a bar.  :-)

At any rate, Alec goes right to the gypsy trailer to get a job, as his LTW is to become a Master of Mysticsm.

Alec decides to try online dating to find a wife since he doesn't know anyone in Isla Paradiso.  He has already thrown one possibility in the trashcan.  Karlie looks cute, Yelena is too old..Errr...Cara is not human.  ??  A ghost family in Isla Paradiso?  hahahaha!   Looks like it might be between Karlie, Mylee, and Lopita. 

Carla only got to spend one night in the new house in the new town, the Grim came for her as she was getting off work.  So sad.  Carla contributed to the Challenge:

In the mean time, Elsa decided to knock out the Gardener career since her LTW is Perfect Garden, and was at the courthouse to register as a self employed gardner when her Auntie Carla bit the dust. Carla's son Alec as at the book store solving some puzzles, and was unfazed by his mother's passing.

Alec began to spend time with a girl he met online... Florita Hernandez...dated her several times.  Then went to her house one day and realized she was a trophy wife for some old geezer to whom she had given a child.  Eventually she showed she was pregnant again.  Being that Alec is not a homebreaker, he broke it off with Florita.

Then he met Lopita Alto at a costume party. He foud her intensely attractive.  But then, she was married and soon to age to elder soon. Alec had to look for a new possible wife. 

Next it was Ashly Alto...who at this point Alec did not know if she was related to Lopita.  What a strong attraction!

In the meanwhile, Blossom's husband Benjamin builds a Grim Reaper snowman.  I think it is a sign of things to come.  Blossom is now 97 years old.

The snowman holds court over the doomed Cartwrights.  Wendy Cartwright (in purple) is most certainly a ghost, but doesn't quite ever turn translucent.  Blossom spends almost all of her time sitting with the ghosts.  She hardly comes into the house. 

Ghosts Gene and Kayley Cartwright help themselves to the kitchen facilities.  Gene doesn't turn translucent either.

Ha.  In the meantime, Spring has sprung, and Alec trudges on with trying to catch his mate, Ashley Alto.  But alas, thanks to Twallan's Story Progression, Ashley is snapped up by a guy named Joel Rodel.

Not to be deterred,  (and desperate to get Generation 6 started)  Alec rushes over to the Alto home and....

Has a little shower 'try for baby' with Ashley before Joel Rodel has a chance to get a bun in the oven.   It works.  :)  Alec still wants to marry Ashley, and is not above becoming a home wrecker at this point since no children are involved.  Now instead of watching for an opening to propose marriage to Ashley, Alec will be watching for an opening to ask her to break up with Joel. 

Finally Alec is able to get Ashley to agree to break up with Joel.  Must have been that fantastic shower woohoo.  But now the Cartwrights have gained their first enemy in Isla Paradiso.

Eventually the two lovers make their way to the pool outside, and settle down for a little smooching, hugging, and star gazing.  Finally Alec decides the time is ripe to pop the question.  He wastes no time at all.  Ashley of course accepts, with the hapless Joel standing around in the house wearing nothing but sox, a tshirt and his jockeys.  Heh.  What a winner.

The next day, Alec was late getting off to work because he had been out with Ashley until 4 am.  Benjamin  the faerie finally reached the top of his career, with 83 days still left before he turns elder.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  He is going to move out when his wife, Blossom, passes.  The Cartwrights have no use for this guy.  Hmm....seems his wings disappeared under his trench coat. 

The day came for a Cartwright wedding.  The bride showed up sporting a baby bump.

And a fine wedding was had overlooking the ocean, with family and friends present.  Except for that miserable faerie, Benjamin.  He was at the stadium showing off his athletic prowess.

Alec and Ashley Cartwright, parents to generation 6.

Ashley Cartwright:

Hopeless Romantic
Easily Impressed

16 days until adult.  She is the youngest person on the lot.

To Become A World Renowned Surgeon (drats, there is already one of those in the Cartwright family tree.)

Ashley is a fine Sim to carry on the Cartwright family.  Erm.  No more Plantsims.

Of course, we all know the sure fire way to get a Sim to kick off is to have a party.  Blossom was 100 years old.

This must be Grim's personal little joke.  He actually made fun of the bride...laughing and poking a finger when she cried about having a death at her wedding.

Blossom contributed to the Completion Challenge:

Four points????  That's it?  Geesh.  heh

Blossom joins the Cartwright ancestors in the crypt.  Generation 4 is now a thing of the past in the Cartwright family.

This is an appropriate place to end this entry.  Next chapter - Alec and Ashley's life.  FYI - Ashley was Lopita Alto's step daughter.  When Ashley and Alec became engaged, Lopita moved out of of the Alto house, leaving her husband (and Ashley's father) Alfonso Alto.

That's it!  Keep on simmin'!