Friday, March 22, 2013

Generation 3.1

This chapter of the Cartwrights in Sunset Valley starts off with a bang for G2- Gene Cartwright.  The affair Gene had with neighbor Xrabbite Sims came to fruition, and little Tyrone was born.  X was none too happy about it.  Gene had been spending as much time as possible over at Xrabbite's house, hoping to be there when her time had 'come'.  Indeed he was, and was able to drive her to the hospital. 

After making sure mom and baby were settled in for the night, Gene started home.  On the way, he was abducted by aliens.  Heh.  Seems like the only ones in this game that get abducted are elder males.   I do believe I like the abduction scenario in TS2 better than in TS3.  It happens so quickly in TS3, it could be missed by the casual player.

Humphrey set the stove on fire and the fire pickup truck finally came.  A gorgeous firewoman entered the scene, and all four Cartwright men on the lot threw attraction hearts.  I thought A-HA...maybe I can marry in a fireman so my Cartwrights will pick up 'can put out fires' trait.  Master Controller revealed this lady was four days from turning elder.  Nope.

Secondly, I wondered where my brave Sim Kaley was.  She was at her after school job in the grocery store, but was on her way home.  Upon arrival, she jumped in front of the firewoman, and assisted with putting out the flames while her brothers, uncle, and father screamed like little girls.

Once all the 'oh my there is a fire in the house' hoopla waned, Wendy and Kaley begin to argue and Kaley gets punished for something.  She spins up this wish.  Heh.  She wants her mother to burn up.  Well, maybe next time she won't put out that fire!

Erm...seconds later another fire starts.  Kaley starts to put it out....

Then quits working on it when the neighbors run over to gawk at the fire.  Xrabbite whips out the extinguisher and begins firefighting the grill.  Again, the Cartwright men are running around and screaming.

Kaley looks smug, as if she is hoping...hoping....  but alas, her plan didn't work.  Wendy lived to see another day.  In the mean time, Pete spun up 'See Fiery Ghost Of Wendy' after this second fire...must be the 'evil' traits coming thru.  Two of Wendy's kids want to see her burn up.  heh

Apparently Pete works with his Aunt Yusun Flowers, his mother's sister, and the Boss has directed that they get to know each other better.  Urg....Pete gets to the library to get to know Yusun better, and saw that she now sports fairy wings.  Back in her younger days when she was dating Pete's Uncle Gene....she was but a mere mortal... was Prom Night for the bad girl, Kaley Cartwright.  She had been unable to get close enough to any guys to get a date, due to her bad attitude.

Kaley wants world peace??  heh This coming from a girl who wants her mom to burn up.....

Well I guess there is someone who can overlook Kaley's bad attitude and mood swings.  heh

Jackie is at the end of his life, and could go any day.  His life meter is full.  He spends many hours nowadays playing in the sprinklers in Wendy's garden.  Founder Shane Cartwright doesn't think much of his son's activities.  How unbecoming of a Cartwright!

Wendy is at the end of her life too, and carries continuous wishes for her two boys Humphrey and Pete to get married.   And Gene is at the end of his too, but is now the father of a new son.  He spends his days at Xrabbite's house hanging out playing with Tyrone and talking to him.  Xrabbite in the mean time makes out with the David Tennant look alike right in front of him.  Gene doesn't care.

The summer festival was in full swing, and the family attempted an outing together on Leisure Day. 

Humphrey and his Uncle Gene participated in the hot dog eating contest, along with with the lovely Selene Boelch.  She used to come home on the bus with Humphrey back in high school.  Alas, there is no attraction here, although Selena is a good age to marry in, and has gorgeous genes to add to the Cartwright pool.  Gene won the hotdog eating contest.

Oh stop my heart!!! Kaley has found this hottie, and there is a magnetic attraction.  He is George Ramey.  A peek under the hood with Master Controller reveals he has just aged up from teen ager hood, and is a witch!  WOOT!  I think Kaley just found the next Cartwright spouse!

This day at the Summer Festival happened to be Kaley's birthday to young adulthood.  Eh.  Uncle Gene was there to blow the party horn for her, while her mom and dad were roller skating, and her brother Humphrey had excused himself to attend a political fundraising party, and Pete the loner had gone home saying that it was too crowded for him.  Hmmmm what did Evil, Brave, Light Sleeper, and Mean Spirited Kaley roll for her next trait???  What else?  Insanity.  I couldn't believe my good luck.  Her LTW is Alchemy Artisian.  This fits right in with marrying a witch! 

The next day was graduation day, and Kaley was the valedictorian.  Good for her.

She failed to bathe before graduation ceremonies.  But then again, she is insane and evil. hehehe!

Upon returning from graduation, the family was informed:

Jackie, Gene, and Henry's older sister passed on.  Marion contributed the following to the Completion Challenge:

Good show, Marion!  Bravo!  You did the Cartwright Family proud!

At this point in time, Kaley had to make a decision about college.  She has been chosen to be the Cartwright heir this generation, although I didn't plan it that way.  The game just kept throwing great stuff for her.  At any rate, she figured if she got a degree in science and medicine, it would assist her with her LTW.  And the future Mr. Cartwright, George Ramey, had the same degree.  (Thanks, Master Controller!)

Kaley takes the apptitude test.  She did not qualify for any scholarships, but no matter, the Cartwrights could pay.

And off she went.  Her two brothers Humphrey and Pete stood in the front yard waving and blowing good bye kisses.  heh

And here is Kaley at De Anda Hall.  Again, the Cartwrights could have paid for her to rent her own home, but Humphrey thought it would be a good character builder for her to live in the dorm. 

This is where we end this installment of the Cartwrights.  Next Chapter:  University life for Kaley!

Have fun everyone, and keep Simming!



  1. Looks like things are going good for the Cartwrights, or at least for Kaley. Will be interested to see how she does at University.

  2. It will be fun to see a bit more of Uni!

  3. Oh yeah, Kaley is going to be a trip to play. Can someone maybe say 'psychopath'? LOL On a somber note, bye-bye Marion. I for one will always feel bad you never got to experience being a great kisser. :)