Sunday, March 31, 2013

G3 University

Generation 3 Kaley Cartwright is the first Cartwright to attend University. With a lifetime want of Alchemy Artisian and being that her eye was on a witch named George Ramey as a spouse, it seemed only reasonable that she attend University in the School of Science and Medicene to learn all she could about mixing potions.

Kaley immediately set about writing George a love letter.  She wanted to make sure their long distance relationship survived her years in University.

She spent some Cartwright cash on the alchemy station and studied in between classes.  Sher learned lots of recipes.  She also purchased additional recipes for potions at the campus bookstore.

She met a peculiar looking fellow named Shea Hollis, whom she became close friends with.  She thought he might come in handy as a friend later on.

George sent Kaley presents in the mail, saying how much he missed her.  Kaley never failed to contact George in some way every day either by writing him a letter, or sending him texts.

This is Liz Tarry who became fast friends with Kaley.  Liz is a good one to take the ink blot tests that Kaley likes to show everybody for extra credit.

Kaley's bravery came into play over and over again in the dorm.  Her dormmates were forever setting the kitchen on fire.  Kaley was so busy putting out fires, studying alchemy and science, there was no time to be evil or mean spirited.  And besides, Shea the plantsim was blowing her kisses these days that kept her thinking about him for several hours afterwords.

But the day before finals, Kaley boned up on anatomy, in the rain, no less.

At one point, she became so exhausted and  fell asleep in the park and napped, in the rain.

In no time at all, it was time go go back hom to Sunset Valley. Toward the end of the second term, Kaley didn't think much about George. Shea blinded her thoughts.

He invited her to many parties at his place.

Where they studied the stars together....

And did the keg stand....

She and Shea had become so close that he gave her herbs for her alchemy experiments...

Eventually he gave her more than that, he gave her is love.

But, soon Kaley's time was up at University, she graduated at the top of her class.

Time to go home.  She still thought of George every now and then, and talked with him on the phone occasionally, but she was not in love with George. 

Kaley arrived home late in the evening and her eldest brother Humphrey stared at her as if he had seen a ghost.  What is in store for the Cartwrights?  Who will Kaley choose for a lifetime parnter?  The warlock George Ramey, or the plantsim Shea Hollis?

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  1. Ah, a cliffhanger ending! If she's really that in love with Shea now, she should choose him, but how to be sure it's not just a passing infatuation. And maybe not a great idea to snub a warlock...

    1. Are you kidding me? Kaley is evil, mean-spirited, and insane. What could George the Warlock possibly do to her that she can't defend herself against? LOL

  2. I wanna see a plant sim mixed in, so I'm being selfish and saying choose Shea!!! ;-D


  3. Well since I"m a snob, I would have to look under the hood for Shea before I committed..I mean what if he has a truly horrible LTW?

  4. Woo woo will have to wait to see who she chooses. At this point in time, I am not sure how it is going to play out...but I do agree with HeavensKyss....this would be an excellent time to check out both men with Master Controller to see what is going on with their LTWs.

  5. No, no master controller, that's cheating! Just close your eyes and jump! OR, even better, since Kaley is evil, insane and mean-spirited, she should take them both!

    1. Haha yeah I didn't use Master Controller. I knew that George was close I. Age to Kaley because she had befriended them when they were both teens. I had no idea how old Shea was.