Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Generation 2

Townie Wendy Flowers, Gene, Jackie and Henry Cartwright
It is time for Generation 2's story.  This day is the triplet's birthday, and Wendy Flowers has come home with Gene on the bus.  Gene is the only one who has ever brought a friend home.  The kids have just gotten over the passing of their father Shane, and life is getting  back to normal.

Jackie picks up the trait Loves The Outdoors, Gene picks up Commitment Issues, and Henry picks up Genius.  So, all three of the boys are geniuses.  heh  Jackie wants to be a Star News Anchor, Gene wants to be a Renowned Surgeon, and Henry wants to be a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder.

That same day, two of Marion's brothers were on hand for her birthday.  She picked up the 'ambitious' trait.  To review Marion:

Illustrious Author
Great Kisser

Despite being a technophobe, she doesn't seem to have an issue using the PC.  She does however complain when the television set is on.

Henry has just defeated his first ranked chess tournament (the loser is there in the background) and then went to work in his dad's garden.  He will need these gardening skills for his job in Science.

Townie Cara Billingsley, Jackie and Gene Cartwright
Jackie and Gene vie for a chance to talk with Cara.  Gene had just discovered a new star, and wanted to tell Cara all about it.

Henry heard of Gene's success at finding a new star, and wanted to do the same.  However, he saw a meteor drop from the sky, made note of it, then went to collect it.

Townie Yusun Flowers and Gene Cartwright
Gene has been invited to the Flowers home twice by now, after the youngest coming home with him on the bus as a child.  His brothers have not been interested in girls so far, but funny, Gene is the one with commitment issues.  heh

Shane comes out to haunt almost every night.  This night he whips out a laptop from someplace to use.  The Cartwrights don't own a laptop.

Marion in the meantime took an afternoon to go to the movies.  She had been spending hours at the easel painting, and was feeling a little stir crazy.  But so far is a half point away from maxing her painting skill. 

The outing to the movie theater helped Marion to get her painting mojo back. and maxed out her painting skill two days later.   Then, she sat down to start writing.

The same day, Kaylynn comes out of the theatre at 1:00 am, with a promotion to Rock Star.  At the age of 91, she has met her Life Time Wish.  This means that everything she has done for the Completion Challenge maybe be included .  Summary:

This makes a total of 16 points earned in the challenge so far.

Kaylynn immediately retires from the rock and roll life to stay home with her nearly grown family.  She hopes for grandchildren soon.  She got a call one day from Malcom Landgraab, who asked her to drop by some delicious produce from the family garden.  While there, the couple found out that they still held an attraction to each other, even after all these years, as they were childhood sweethearts. 

In the meanwhile, Jackie is asked out on a date by LaShawn Christian, to the cemetery of all places!  And, after dark!  There is chemistry here!

This day the boys come home from school, and as if they knew it would be their last chance to do so, sat together around the table to do their homework together, all at the same time.  Today is their birthday, the day they will age up to young adults.

Gene picked up the trait Lucky.  To review Gene:

World Renowned Surgeon
Commitment Issues
Never Nude

Jackie, in the forground, picked up Inappropriate.  To review Jackie:

Star News Anchor
Loves the Outdoors
Light Sleeper

Henry, in the background, picked up Handy.  To review Henry:

Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

And this is where this chapter ends.  Stay tuned for the adult life for the Cartwright triplets in Sunset Valley!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Generation 1.3

Kaylynn had just brought home triplet boys, Gene, Jackie, and Henry, and had put them to bed.  She remembered she had an assignment from work to go watch Argyle Sinclair at the bookstore to increase her logic, so she got in the car and went, leaving her husband Shane at home with the triplets.

Shane did well with the boys.  Give bottle, play with, snuggle, put in swing, turn swing on.

Being and Over Emotional Family Oriented Sim, Shane is constantly crying for happiness and clapping for joy over having triplets.  A new bedroom was added onto the house, as well as a second bathroom.  Being a light sleeper, Jackie was put in the original nursery by himself, and his brothers Gene and Henry got the new larger bedroom.

The swings were a godsend....they boys stayed quiet and happy, mom and dad got plenty of rest and sleep.  In no time it was their birthday, which they shared with Marion.

What a party it was!

Just as she had aged to child scowling, Marion did the same as a teenager.  She gained the trait 'good kisser'.  Hm.  With all that scowling going on, it will be a wonder if anyone will want to kiss her at all.

Marion Cartwright
Marion immediately went to the mirror and got a makeover.

And the training commenced.

All three boys were taught all three toddler skills, with Marion's help.  She did not feel grumpy and grouchy when spending time with her brothers.  Wait until they grow to child and are irritating little boys!

Triplets management.  heh.

In no time it was time for the boys to grow up to child.  This was the only difficult time in raising the boys; getting them to the cake was an issue.  But the birthday party was a success!

Henry Cartwright picked up the trait of 'good'.

Gene Cartwright, who looks alot like his mother Kaylynn, picked up the trait of  'never nude'.

Jackie Cartwright picked up the trait of 'grumpy' like his older sister Marion. 

It was also Kaylynn's birthday to elderhood, but she didn't make it to the cake.  She ran off to work in the middle of the party, but she did age up when she came out of work.

NO JELLYFISH....GOSH DARN IT!!!!  Heh - these protests always tickle my funny bone.

Kaylynn completes a successful opportunity to teach the children painting.

The family was caught off balance one evening when patriarch Shane passes to the Great Beyond at age 96.  Points contributed to the Completion Challenge:

Good job, Shane!  And this is where we end this entry, and Generation 1.

Other notes: 

Marion has decided she wants to be an Illustrious Author, and is constantly writing and painting.   At this point in time, Kaylynn is on level 8 of the rock career at age 77.  The small garden is producing perfect onions, apples, lettuce and grapes.  The triplets are starting to spin up job wishes.

Have fun, keep on Simmin'!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Generation 1.2

Generation 2 has been born, as little Marion has been born to Shane and Kaylynn, and Bessie the ghost is working on the last two couple of guitar skills that will make her a Master of the Arts before she goes back into her tombstone.

Shane reaches a milestone shortly after Marion's birth.

This fulfills Shane's life time wish, so now everything he does can be counted in the challenge.    He is five days to elder.  Now he will shoot to win some other titles in his skilling journal.

He looks extremely debonaire his first day on the job as an International Super Spy....very James Bond-esque.  I can hear the theme music now......Kaylynn is still recuperating in bed after Marion's birth and still has a couple of days before she can return to work.  Bessie the ghost is coming in really handy as a caretaker for Marion when she isn't strumming on the guitar to try to make it to Master of the Arts.

Little Marion falls asleep in her swing while her mom plays the guitar.

Kaylynn ages to adult.  At this point in her life, she is only on level three of her job.  She can't afford to have any more children, she can't afford to take any more time off.  However, being off all this time has given her ample opportunity to bone up on her guitar skill.


*ASimWen takes out Master Controller and Overwatch, installs new patch*  

Ummmm....errrrr...okaaaaaaay.  *shrug* This happened just before Marion's birthday to toddler. heh

Also on that same day.....

Bessie Clavell returned to her tombstone.  So, no points for the challenge from Bessie.  She was about a half point away from winning Master of the Arts.  She swoops back into her tombstone, leaving behind thousands of simoleons worth of paintings around the house.  Shane took his friend's tombstone to the graveyard.

On the day of his birthday to elder, (before he actually aged)  Shane increased is athletic skill to level eight.  He called in a babysitter to watch Marion so he could report this important event o Llama Stadium.  Kaylynn was at work hoping to move up a level in her career.

Shane ages to elder alone in the bathroom.  Perhaps that is the reason for his goofy elder appearance.  Heh. Time for a makeover!

Shane gets his makeover, and immediately retires from his job as an International Super Spy.  It is time to let Kaylynn have her time in the limelight.  Shane will stay home with Marion while Kaylynn works to become a Rock Star.  In the meantime, Kaylynn did get her promotion at work, she is now a Band Manager, level four.  I have no idea why she goes off to work wearing a tool belt.

Kaylynn wanted to go play guitar in the park, and while there she increased her guitar level to 8.  This seemed like a good time to try out a harder composition with her new found skill, so off to the book store she went to to buy sheet music for Improvise Here and Now.  She learned it in front of an audience, then proceeded to earn $100 in tips.  Everyone thought she played wonderfully.

Marion ages up to child, and Shane gets a good memory that she grew up well, despite the scowl on her face.  He only had to remember that she is a naturally grumpy Sim.  Unlike her dad who loves computers, Marion received the trait of 'technophobe'.  (I roll a die, then hit 'scramble' that number to get traits.)

Since Marion is now a child, Shane wants to have another baby with Kaylynn.  So, since Shane wished it, he an Kaylynn tried for baby.  Shane is hoping for a boy, so Kaylynn's backpack was loaded with the delicious apples that Shane had been growing.  I noticed at this point that Kaylynn was short a trait, so one was added by roll.  Clumsy.

Kaylynn was fed a strict diet of excellent apples from Shane's apple tree, and the childrens' station was played on the radio around the clock.  Kaylynn could also be found watching the kids TV channel occasionally during her pregnancy.  She gave birth to 3 boys (my first set of triplets ever in this game).

Gene -


Light Sleeper

And this is where I end this entry.  Kaylynn is currently on on level six of her career and Shane's life meter isn't quite half way through elderhood.

Keep on Simmin'!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Generation 1

See this screen?  It is a mess, huh.  This is me, ASimWen, trying to remember how to send my Sims on an outing in The Sims 3.  I remember thinking that I was surprised to see that I couldn't send my Sims to the movies like this.  I found a way to do it later on. 

I am trying the Completion Challenge, (rules on file at the Sims3Challenges Yahoo group).  There really isn't much to it, just do everything the game offers.  No worries, the rules come with a nice spreadsheet check items off as you accomplish them. 

I played TS3 when it first came out, right up through Pets, then I stopped, cold turkey.  My laptop blew a hard drive, I didn't like Late Night, and I hated horses trotting through my Sim's yard at will.  I had a new hard drive installed in my laptop, and resumed playing Sims, TS2 style.  I still play TS2.  Alot.  And was happy playing TS2 exclusively until I started reading reviews on TS3 Seasons and Supernatural.  Had to play TS3 again....HAD TO.   So here I am.  I looked through all the places I know on the 'net where there are Sims challenges, and decided to go with this one after rejoining the TS3Challenges Yahoo Group.

Anyway, my founder is Shane Cartwright.  Uh...the game named him Shan Cartwright, and I added and 'e' onto Shan to his name to give it more of a Western sound to match Cartwright.  *Bonanza*.

This is Shane, Shane the Triple Agent in the Law Enforcement field, that is level 9.  His LTW is to become an International Super Spy, and he is one promotion away.  Notice how he skillfully whips that plate off the table to wash it, he is an efficiency machine.  His wife, Kaylynn Langerak, can be seen there playing guitar by the garden.  More on her later.

Shane's rolled stats:

Become an International Super Spy

Over emotional
Family oriented
Computer whiz

He is a Taurus, and is 5 days from turning elder at the writing of this blog entry.  He has been easy to play, doesn't complain or cry when I push him to the edge of performance.  His appearance is game generated too..I just added facial and body hair.  He isn't bad looking.

Okie dokie.  I am only playing the base game right now, after uninstalling Seasons, Supernatural, Generations. Ambitions, and World Adventures.  Some items were left behind by those expansions.  So if you see things in the picutres that you know is not in the base game, that is how it happened.  Thanks for this idea, Ndayeni.  I am starting this blog late, so the first few pictures are game generated from Shane's memory scrapbook.

Shane Cartwright and Bessie Clavell
Shane moves into the little two bedroom house that is a great cheap starter house.  Ndayeni, I think this is the same one you use.  And, Shane gets a job straightaway in law enforcement to start climbing the ladder to International Super Spy.  Bessie Clavell, pictured with Shane above, is his coworker and Shane had just had an outing with her and invited her to stay for the night.  Nope, none of 'those kind' of designs.

She slept in the guest room, and got up and left around 3 AM.  It was two days when Bessie passed to the great Sim beyond.  When she did, Shane got the invite from the Science facility to participate in an exclusive experiment.

Shane Cartwright and Bessie Clavell
Bessie moves in with Shane in her new form.  Her stats:

Master of the Arts

No Sense of Humor
Family Oriented

Now have a playable ghost, and have resurrected a ghost.  I doubt at this point that she is going to be able to fulfill her LTW but she is sure going to try.  She already had some skills in painting and guitar, so that helps.

Birthday to adult
 Around level 8 of his career, Shane started thinking he needed a wife as he was halfway through his adult life.  Two women had called him up for dates, whatnot, but when they came to the house, Master Controller told revealed how old they were....they were just a few days from turning elder. 

Shane was crestfallen, then realized he should probably look for a teenager to befriend, leaving plenty of time for romancing once the girl aged up.  He started going to public places, and found Bella Bachelor and Kaylynn Langerak as teens.  He liked Bella's looks but she was Ms. Ice Queen, even as a teen.  Kaylynn seemed more open and friendly.

That's Kaylynn at Shane's party, up there in the pink shirt just to his left.  A day after she turned young adult, she was friends enough with Shane to move in with him, and break up with Malcom Landgrabb with whom she was going steady.

In the meantime, Bessie becomes a Master Painter.  Now to work on guitar.  She already had 6 or 7 skill points.  She had contributed alot of simoleons to the household selling her paintings, and had fulfilled a wish to decorate the house with 15 of her fine works.

Shane Cartwright and Kaylynn Langerak
Shane asks Kaylynn to marry him at the park during a date, and she accepted.

Kaylynn's stats:

To Become A Rock Star

Easily Impressed

There is plenty of time in her life to accomplish this.

Kaylynn Langerak
Doesn't the name change during marriage? It took about three days before Family Oriented Shane rolled a wish to have a baby, and so it was.  Kaylynn ate apple after apple to get the boy Shane was wishing for.  Three of Shane's wish slots were filled with baby wishes.  Nope, she has a girl named Marion.  Maybe it was because her body was disjointed during the entire pregnancy.  heh

To get Marion's beginning traits I rolled dice for a number, then hit the 'random' dice in the game that number.  Marion two beginning traits: 


Shane Cartwright
Shane is asleep when Kaylynn gives birth, but is happy none the less and gets a couple of wishes fulfilled.  And this is where I leave this blog entry, with the birth of generation 2 in ASimWen's Completion Challenge.  Keeping fingers crossed Bessie hangs out long enough to get one more guitar her life meter is full, and no Grimmie yet.

Have fun, and keep on Simmin'!