Sunday, January 20, 2013

Generation 1.3

Kaylynn had just brought home triplet boys, Gene, Jackie, and Henry, and had put them to bed.  She remembered she had an assignment from work to go watch Argyle Sinclair at the bookstore to increase her logic, so she got in the car and went, leaving her husband Shane at home with the triplets.

Shane did well with the boys.  Give bottle, play with, snuggle, put in swing, turn swing on.

Being and Over Emotional Family Oriented Sim, Shane is constantly crying for happiness and clapping for joy over having triplets.  A new bedroom was added onto the house, as well as a second bathroom.  Being a light sleeper, Jackie was put in the original nursery by himself, and his brothers Gene and Henry got the new larger bedroom.

The swings were a godsend....they boys stayed quiet and happy, mom and dad got plenty of rest and sleep.  In no time it was their birthday, which they shared with Marion.

What a party it was!

Just as she had aged to child scowling, Marion did the same as a teenager.  She gained the trait 'good kisser'.  Hm.  With all that scowling going on, it will be a wonder if anyone will want to kiss her at all.

Marion Cartwright
Marion immediately went to the mirror and got a makeover.

And the training commenced.

All three boys were taught all three toddler skills, with Marion's help.  She did not feel grumpy and grouchy when spending time with her brothers.  Wait until they grow to child and are irritating little boys!

Triplets management.  heh.

In no time it was time for the boys to grow up to child.  This was the only difficult time in raising the boys; getting them to the cake was an issue.  But the birthday party was a success!

Henry Cartwright picked up the trait of 'good'.

Gene Cartwright, who looks alot like his mother Kaylynn, picked up the trait of  'never nude'.

Jackie Cartwright picked up the trait of 'grumpy' like his older sister Marion. 

It was also Kaylynn's birthday to elderhood, but she didn't make it to the cake.  She ran off to work in the middle of the party, but she did age up when she came out of work.

NO JELLYFISH....GOSH DARN IT!!!!  Heh - these protests always tickle my funny bone.

Kaylynn completes a successful opportunity to teach the children painting.

The family was caught off balance one evening when patriarch Shane passes to the Great Beyond at age 96.  Points contributed to the Completion Challenge:

Good job, Shane!  And this is where we end this entry, and Generation 1.

Other notes: 

Marion has decided she wants to be an Illustrious Author, and is constantly writing and painting.   At this point in time, Kaylynn is on level 8 of the rock career at age 77.  The small garden is producing perfect onions, apples, lettuce and grapes.  The triplets are starting to spin up job wishes.

Have fun, keep on Simmin'!



  1. Awesome post. I always love reading your blog posts. Triplets are so much fun! I loved the baby swing pictures, but I almost feel like the baby swing makes things too easy in my game. I wish there was an option to have it maybe increase fun and they can sleep in it, but that's it. Baby swings do not magically replace bladder need, LOL. Still they're sooo cute!

    1. Not sure, but I think it makes the needs move along slower. The boys could be put in those swings with full needs and not need to be taken out for 12 hours or more. They did sleep in the swings alot, but at some point would demand to be taken out and put in their beds. heh Yes, the boys are cute. :)

  2. Great job! I love the swings, but pretty much only use them during the infant stage. There's not much you can do with babies really that's very interesting, so I tend to just park them in the swing to keep them happy until they age up to toddler. I do end up having to take them out occassionally for snuggles and such since it will stop and then needs decay. Toddlers I let roam free to play with the skill toys and such when they're awake and I'm not working on training them.

  3. Marion looks great! And Shane did good for a generation 1 "Completer" :)

  4. All are very cute kids, but I had the same thought you did about Marion; 'with that grumpy disposition, who will ever find out that she's a good kisser?!' LOL