Sunday, June 22, 2014

Generation 7.2

Kristin, who's LTW is Fairy Tale Finder (adopt a unicorn) has moved out of the house and over to Appaloosa Plains. She decided she would have better luck there befriending the Unicorn what with all the other pets and horses that are already there. Her escapades will be tracked right here on the Cartwright blog.

But for now...Damen is taking a kick at the wishing well himself.

Damen is looking for love.  Being that he is so busy training Diego and ghost hunting, he decided to wish for it from the wishing well.  It took three times kissing the frog, but he finally received....

Shawra Maroof.  A quick check with Master Controller shows she is homeless.  No, must have someone who has a home of their own.  However, it might be fun to pull her leg a little.

Penney has only 5 elixirs to use now to win the Alchemy points for this challenge.

How to get rid of a pesky zombie?

Why, that's easy throw a....

Bottle of Mummy's Curse at her.  She took a few steps then disappeared.  (changed the resolution on the game, get a better picture and bigger screen area).

On who to use the Potent Zombiefication elixir on was a tough decision.  The Cartwrights did not want a playable zombie in the family. elder Sim in the neighborhood was chosen, who had his own house.

Little did he know when he accepted Penney's invitation to visit did he suspect this would happen to him.

Poor poor Adrian.  Penney then felt sorry for him and threw a bottle of Potent Bliss at him so he would not be unhappy about being a zombie.  heh

Next was the procreation elixir.  Well, ASimWen messed up and had Daria drink it herself instead of letting Penney throw it at her.  So it was up to Damen to make good use of it.  He invited over Vievenne Vasquez and threw the potent friendship elixir at her, then put on the moves.  When things were looking good...Shawra shows up in the roll of paparazzi. 

Penney ran damage control and invited Shawra inside to get her away from Damen's romance.  Penney did not want to ruin Damen's chance at using the elixir!

*Whisper, whisper, whisper!*

Chimes.  Will the babies be fairies or werewolves?  :)

Right about that time, Daria went into labor.  She has taken to sleeping in the butler's bedroom.  Ever since Daria gained the genie power to instantly clean the house, they let the butler go.

Meet Waya.  Looks like a normal human baby.  Her traits are:

Hm.  She can salute because her mother is in the military...scare off burglars because her daddy was a cop.  I don't know where immune to fire came from, unless it is genie stuff from her mom.

Ah-hah.  An imaginary friend.  :)

By now there are only two elixirs left for Penny to use.  Essence of Magic...restore a witch or fairy's powers.  A witchy friend of the Cartwrights was invited over...wand WHOOSH Penney threw it.  Really don't know if Addison Ross needed it, but she certainly felt better afterwards.

Go have a fun witchy life now, Addison.

One left....

Age of Instant.

Ok, not the best picture.  I clicked on 'Use on self" instead of  'drink'.  She threw the elixir on the floor right there at the table...heh

Did the birthday celebration hoo-ha....

Elder Penney.  Again.   She gets the point for using ALL the elixirs.  Most at the expense of the citizens of Lucky Palms.

At this stage of her life, Penney decides to try changing ordinary everyday objects into gold, and she succeeds several times.  Then she gets a little greedy.

Oh my, what is happening!

A beautiful golden statue of Penney is erected, and her golden ghost appears.  Death by Transmutation.  Time to add up Penney's points.

Penney did all right for the Challenge.  Add that to the 4 that her husband Deangelo got, that is 14 points contributed by Generation 6.

Her statue was placed in the ghost bunker for all the Cartwright ghosts to admire.

This seems to be a good place to end this chapter of the Cartwrights.

Keep on simmin'!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Generation 7.1

Heh so okay we start chapter Generation 7.1 with a picture of Generation 8.

Kristin is getting ready to hop into the limo to go to the prom.  Pretty girl, having been born out of a wishing well.   With her grandma Penney being so young, I feel like Kristin is really Penney's daughter and not Daria's.

In the meanwhile, Daria is getting closer and closer all the time to Shane Cartwright.  It is pretty tough to carry on a romance when the guy only haunts every two or three days.

In the meanwhile Penney toils away every day throwing elixirs at people.  This is number 50, pretty unremarkable.  However, the person she is throwing it at is remarkable.  This is the TS3 version of ASimWen.  She has aged.  She lives in every hood I play, but I never play her.  When I realize she has died off, I put her right back in again.  heh

 And there it is!  Long suffering Penney Cartwright has finally met her LTW having thrown 50 elixirs at Sims.   Oh but wait...there is one more elixir she wants to throw...

This poor fairy is Benjamin Cartwright, from a couple of generations ago.  An old version of the Cartwright lot was moved into the hood because the garden included the Glowing Orb mushroom.  Penney had been unable to find any growing in Lucky Palms and they were needed for some of her elixirs.  Benjamin was killed off in the past for the challenge as a Ghost by Rant.  Here he is turned  into a zombie via one of Penney's elixirs.  I really didn't like that guy at all.

Woo!  Another point for the Completion challenge.

Soon it was time for birthdays, and Diego was the first one to grow up.  Pretty dog.  Damen got right to work training her to hunt and do tricks.  Being that he is a werewolf, training goes fast.

Daria grew up into her old hair style.  A trip to the mirror gave her a new one.....

And another milestone for Penney.  She has now mixed 150 elixirs, thrown 50 at other Sims, and naturally learned all the elixir recipes.  This means that all Penney has left to do for the Completion Challenge, is use all 44 elixirs.  At this point in time, she has 13 left to use.

These are some heavy hitters in there....
  • Wish Enhancing Serum
  • Vial of Bottled Genie
  • Potent Skill Booster
  • Bottled Simbot Converter
  • Age of Instant
  • Cure Elixir
  • Potent Zombification
  • Vial of Potent Enlightenment
  • Bottled Mummy Curse
  • Bottled Vampire's Bite
  • Liquid Job Booster
  • Procreation Elixir
  • Essence of Magic
 Tuff.  However I do see some Completion Challenge points in there.  :)

It is time for the Spring Festival, and Daria is busy at the kissing booth getting a lil' bit of smooch from a good looking Sim.

Damen does the same.  It seems this is the only way the current generation of Cartwrights can get romance.

The next morning, Penney awoke with a wish to 'use vial of bottled genie.'  Who am I to disregard a Sim's wishes?

Daria - Once a werewolf, now a genie.  Completion points, right there.  :)  Playable Genie.  Life goes on.

Daria decides to try for another child in the wishing well, thinking that her new lifestate of genie would
make a difference in the type of child she received.

Another evil child.  Oh my

Sammy Cartwright.  Blah, blah, blah, blah to his mother. heh

  • Evil
  • Genius
  • Loves The Outdoors

In the meantime granny Penney throws a jar of friendship elixir at this visiting alien, and the two fall in love.  Hmmm...

Kristin's birthday to young adult came up in no time, and the "Cartwrights" helped her to celebrate.  She had visited the Cartwright lot that was planted in the hood for the glowing orb mushrooms to actually pick the mushrooms, and had her birthday there.  This is almost mind boggling to wrap my brain around.  That is Alec Cartwright, her great grandfather cheering her on.  Yet back home his ghost haunts the underground ghost bunker. hahaha

Kristin Cartwright picked up the trait 'Sailor'.  I figured her LTW choices would have lot to do with the sea, but they did not.  However an interesting one did come up and she chose it:  Fairy Tale Finder.  She must adopt a unicorn.  Just so happened ASimWen knew where the Unicorn hung out in the hood.

That night Kristin went to visit Lightening Horse to begin making friends with him . He hangs out in the parking lot of the sport fishing place.  Here's to hoping this LTW is easily satisfied.

And the next day was graduation.  Congratulations, Kristin!

In the meanwhile, Daria meets up with the young man from the kissing booth for a date.  He really likes her.  A quick check with Master Controller shows he is about to age to elder in 8 days.  No, not a good choice of a mate for Daria.  No time to meet his LTW, what ever it is.

That night though, her ghostly beau haunted.  None other than Shane Cartwright himself.  He seemed to be ready to take it to the next level.

Daria takes the procreation elixir.  (On second thought Penney should have thrown it at her, but oh well.)

Chimes.  Will it be genie babies?  Or ghostly babies???  Stay tuned to find out!!!

Keep on Simmin'!