Sunday, April 27, 2014

Generation 5.2

Alright, who is this seemingly Hogwarts student, Sims style?  Well, I have no idea.  I thought she looked very Griffindor-ish.  She popped out of the graduation hall in University and started waving a wand around.  I was experimenting with putting a student through to get a perfect GPA, and I was successful. 
At any rate, it has been a while since there has been a Cartwrights entry.  To be told, I am not happy with Island Paradise,  not happy with the lot the Cartwrights moved to there, blah blah blah.  But I decided to get back into play.  Missed them.

I have played this generation through without taking many pictures, as I am not happy with Alec Cartwright either, the current patriarch.  He is just so uuuuggghhhhh.....I have decided I don't like his advant garde trait.  All the guy does is go around and critique pictures.  I give him something to do, and he will stop doing it to critique.  pfft.

Anyway, there have been many birthdays, most of which I did not get pictures.  But here is plantsim Geoff turning adult.  This brings me to think I should make all the current ages known:

Alec:  Elder.  Actually died of old age, then came back.

A Cartwright is allowed to carry a death flower in their backpack if they have not met their LTW.  Um, Alec's LTW is to become a Master of Mysticism.  He was on level 9.  *sigh*  But this makes him a perfect candidate now to try and get a ghost color later.

Ashley - Alec's wife.  Alec just married her last entry and they had a daughter Penney.   Ashley's death flower was removed from her backpack as she has met her LTW of Become a World Renowned Surgeon.

Geoff - Elder.  He is a Superstar Athlete.   His life meter is full, he could go any day.  His team has not won a single game with him on it.  Maybe plantsims are not meant to be athletes.  He decided to start studying martial arts so he could be good at something

Elsa - Elder.  She has met her LTW of Perfect Garden.  Now she continues to hopefully fulfill the job of self employed gardener.  She is on level nine.  She has no death flower, and her life meter is full.  I didn't think about getting her this job until well into her adult life, so this was really just a secondary thought.  If she doesn't make it, then the Cartwrights will try again in the future for that job.

And who is this beauty?  Why this is baby Penney, looking very much like a Cartwright.  She is a young adult, and the only child of Alec and Ashley.  I know, they took a big chance by only having one child.  However, Ashley had just become and adult when she married Alec, and really did not have time to have more than one child with all the days that is required for pregnancy leave if she wanted to reach her LTW. 

Penney's traits:
  • No sense of humor
  • Loner
  • Brave
  • Insane 
  • Socially Awkward 
  • Hidden - Can apprehend a burglar
  • Hidden - Rebel
LTW: To Become a Seaside Savior - Rescue 50 Sims as a Lifeguard. This is going to be hard, because some shifts she doesn't get to save anyone. She is currently a young adult, and does have a love interest she needs to marry soon.

This is Deangelo Bauman, and he is a werewolf. Penney met him at the outdoor roller rink one summer day when she fulfilled a wish to go to the summer festival. He is cute.

On her days off from saving the lives of the Sims of Island Paradise, Penney and Deangelo dated.  It seemed like Deangelo was always available, and it was found that Deangelo didn't have a job.  Penney didn't see that as an issue, as her family had plenty of money.

They finally fell in love.  It wouldn't be long now before Deangelo would join the Cartwright home.

It was winter by now, and holiday lights had been hung on the Cartwright home, and mistletoe decorated the inside of the house.  Ashley asked Alec for a kiss under the mistletoe and received a great big FAIL.

Oh my.....this little message made ASimWen laugh out loud!!!

Well Geoff did make it to Martial Arts Master, and just in time.  His Grim meeting took place the next day.

Everyone started with the crying and gnashing of teeth.  Even Elsa the plantsim mourned, which was odd because she and Geoff had a negative relationship.

Geoff was cheated out of a platinum urn, even though he had met his LTW.  It resided beside the warlock's urn, George Cartwright.  He had met his LTW too, but didn't get a platinum urn.

Geoff contributed 4 points to the Completion Challenge.

Even though her daughter was on the verge of getting married, Ashley decided to take a sabbatical to Egypt.  She was in need of some scarab beetles for research at work.

The first thing she did upon arrival was to continue to mourn Geoff.  *sigh*

She used the Collection Helper to point out where insects were.  It even found insects under ground, and in the pyramids.  Her first day collecting netted:
  • 4 moths
  • 2 scarab beetles
  • 2 ladybugs
  • 1 water beetle
  • 2 Monarch butterflies
  • 1 rhinoceros beetle
She somehow had a feeling that she was not going to be able to gather 8 scarab beetles during her three day stay in Egypt.

The second day Ashley decided to stick to looking for scarab beetles.  She found three more, plus a trilobite beetle, which she heard was extremely valuable.

On day three, Ashley found three more scarab beetles, plus a money bag, and 75 ancient coins.  She was ready to go home.

She rested up at camp to wait for the shuttle, and indulged in her bookworm trait.

Things were starting to heat up between Penney and Deangelo.  There was a little smooching under the mistletoe going on....

WOOT!  :)

The two decided to date at the Winter Festival.  A snowball fight was had, and what fun it was!

The two decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level.  A little woohoo was in order.

It tryst was closely observed by Mrs. Cartwright.

She smiles to herself as the young couple stroll away from the all in one bathroom doing the stride of pride.  A new Cartwright was on the way.  She might live to see her grandchild.

Um so okay this is the thing I do not like about TS3.  Look at this.  Penney has to take 8 days off for her pregnancy because of the way her days off fall.  Then she will have to take additional days after the baby is born.  This better be a multiple birth.

She rescues one last person before heading home.

That evening, it was time to move things along.  Deangelo came over to the Cartwright house in his ripped up jeans and messy hair....and glowing werewolf eyes..and Penney proposed marriage.  He said yes, of course.  The lush and prosperous Cartwright home could offer the old dog some new tricks.

The next morning Elsa the Plantsim's time was up.  She didn't top self employed gardner, but she DID reach her LTW of Perfect Garden, so she had no death flower in her backpack.  She begged Grim, but he did not let her stay in the land of the living.  The only Sims available to see her off into the hereafter was Alec and the maid.

Elsa contributed 5 points to the Completion Challenge.

Penney and Deangelo's wedding party was planned for that night.  Of course. Alec was mourning Elsa's passing.

Deangelo was happy about marrying Penney. Hmm apparently hoodies and trenchcoats are 'formal' wear on Island Paradise.

Alec chose the moment of the reciting of the nuptials to turn toward the wedding party goers and talk about Elsa.

Once the nuptials were finished, Penney continued to mourn Elsa.  Omg, nobody paid much attention to her when she was alive!

Deangelo Cartwright
 Deangelo - Werewolf - LTW - To Be Leader Of The Pack - Age - 6 days to Adult

  • Genius
  • Loves the heat
  • Grumpy
  • Artistic
  • Angler
This is a good place to end this entry, and Generation 5.  Next entry will be all about Generation 6.

Thanks for reading, and keep on simmin'!