Sunday, April 14, 2013

Generation 3.2

Humphrey has become the self proclaimed patriarch of the Cartwrights, even though his father Jackie was still alive and kicking, but at the end of his lifebar.  Jackie spent his days playing in the sprinklers in the garden and sliding through days at work.  Humphrey just decided that somebody needed to act like the head of the family.  In tune with that, Humphrey made a trip to the mausoleum to fetch his Aunt Marion's headstone to bring it home to place in the family grave yard. 

Gene met up with his love child Tyrone (with neighbor Xrabbite) at the park during the Summer Festival.  I don't know if I am gonna make Tyrone playable or not.  So far I don't have much interest in him, but being that he lives right next door to the Cartwrights, it will be easy to keep an eye on him.

Kaley and the warlock George Ramey began to date soon after she graduated from University, as Kaley had to make a decision about who was going to help her get started on the next generation of Cartwrights.  The warlock George Ramey, or the plantsim Shea Hollis?

In a tease of a  moment, getting caught up with the events of a a great date, Kaley asked George to marry her, and he agreed.

A wedding party was arranged to take place at the Fall Festival grounds. Only fitting, being that the groom is a warlock, and the bride is daft.

Kaley's insanity reared is ugly head when she changed out of the beautiful gown and hairstyle I painfully picked out for her....into this tennis type dress, and she began waving her arms and talking to herself under the arch.

Ummm, yeah...choking.....George stands patiently by watching. heh

They finally manage to tie the knot.

Meet George (Ramey) Cartwright the Warlock father to Generation 4 of the Cartwrights, and his mother Salina Ramey.

To Become A Renaissance Sim

Hates the Outdoors
(Hidden) Spellcasting

He has three traits to add to the Completion Challenge, and his LTW.

This alien crashed the party...hehehe....

Wendy finds her nephew Tyrone and gives the poor cold child a peice of cake.

Humphrey starts making his politician type moves on Salina Ramey.  She finds him to be flirty.  In the mean time Pete the criminal left for work during the party festivities.

And as happens every two or three days, he gets arrested.  The cops are fearful that he will use flowers to break out of jail.

The wedding party went on until the wee hours of the morning and was talked about town as an Epic Kaley and George decided to keep it an open party that anyone could come to.

Kaley went through the haunted house at the Fall Festival many times in hopes of getting the witch gnome...however she turned temporarily into a ghost instead.  Of course...

My thoughts were to try for a ghost baby right away for Completion Challenge points.  The chimes were heard.  :)

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  No ghost baby this time.  Meet Carla Cartwright, 1st born generation 4.  All traits, using Master Controller:

Loves the Heat
Can Apprehend a Burglar
Light Sleeper

I had thought by this time some of G2 would have passed away...Jackie, Gene or Wendy, they are all 100 years old.  Thought there would be plenty of room for a crib.  But NNNooooo......those three are still hangin' on.  The baby crib goes in the bedroom with mom and dad.

The criminal Pete had the night off from work when Carla was born.  He picked her up and cuddled her while her crazy mom left her on the floor to go outside to gawk at the neighborhood alien wondering around town.   He gets his very first call for a date, at 4:42 in the morning.  I asked him to put Carla in her crib, but Pete took her with him.  Nothin' chicks like more than a man with young children.  heh.  Carla doesn't seem to mind.  She is snoozing in her uncle's arms with no trouble.

It is a full moon and George finds a good chess partner in a zombie that was hangin' out in the back yard.  George is working on maxing his logic skill.

Ugh...bad shot...I know...Everything was placed just so...Grim had to do his spiel outside on the other side of the wall for Wendy.  This happened Sunday night, the same day that Humphrey aged to adult.  Pete would have aged as well, but he was at work.  Buh-Bye Wendy.  She had just gotten the opportunity to grow 10 excellent steaks to learn how to get an omni plant.  Oh well.

Wendy contributed to the Challenge:

Speaking of Peter...

He aged up to adult as soon as he came out of work, and immediately went into a mid life crisis.  He didn't feel like he was being the good criminal he ought to be.  This called for a new haircut.

And that is it for the Cartwrights in Sunset Valley for this chapter.

The Cartwrights in Monte Vista

We start out with the Cartwrights in Monte Vista with winter time, and the Winter Festival in full swing.  Breckin had a snow day off from school, and headed down to the festival to get some snowball throwing time in, and did some ice skating with Bianca Monty.  He had a good time.

The next day was back to reality.  Henry had retired from his job to spend more time on his science studies.  Breckin left for school, Roseanna left for work, and Henry decided he didn't feel good, felt bloated with a little weight gain. (unexpected weight gain moodlet).

Henry's alien abduction in the last update he appeared in left him with Faye Cartwright.  She loves the outdoors, and the cold.  Yay for alien babies!  One of my favorite things about The Sims.

The same day Faye was born, Henry who had been spending all his time at the science machine managed a Forbidden Fruit seed.  ( sure are contributing a lot of interesting things to the Completion Challenge in your golden years. heh) Henry's life meter is full now, but if he is anything like his siblings back in Sunset Valley, he has another good 10 days go to, at least.  Too bad it is the dead of winter.  Henry planted the seed, but it is dormant.

And, on the date of Faye's birthday, and as Breckin speeds off in a limo to attend his high school prom, Grim comes for Henry.  Yay!  I think...finally!  Ugh!  Wait!  Henry did you just trick me???

Noooo!  Nooooo~!  A death flower?  Where in the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did you get that????  Do these things appear when doing lots of experiments on the science machine???  Henry had been doing lots of analyzing, gene splicing, and horticulture experiments the last week (thus the now four Forbidden Fruit plantings he has in his garden....)  Or maybe you got it one of the times you ran up to the science facility as a test subject?  I KNOW you didn't bring it from Sunset Valley with you!!!  (besides the copy of you that got kicked out of the Cartwright house in Sunset Valley has passed away *didn't blog that* I know you got that since you came to Monte Vista!!! ) heh.

Faye aged up not knowing about the close shave with Death her father had just had.  Isn't she a cutie?

Henry takes meticulous care of his Forbidden Fruit plants.

Finally the big day arrived, and it was time to harvest the Forbidden Fruit plants.

Henry has level 10 gardening.  The first plant is a baby girl name Eileen.  How cute!

The second plant was picked by Breckin, a teenager.  He picked a Forbidden fruit.  The third plant is a boy, named Lemmon.

Rosanna who has a level 5 gardening, picked a boy plantsim, who she named Spring.

All three babies were placed in the sun.  By now it is Love Day, and  time for the Spring Festival at the cannery in Monte Vista, so the Cartwrights called a baby sitter and went off to have fun for the day, as no one had to go to work or school.

At this point in time, I am sad to report that this Cartwright splinter family in Monte Vista is corrupt.  It was corrupt when Henry and Rosanna first moved over from Sunset Valley, but I was able to play around the problem.  The video display is corrupt...half of the screen will blink out, ect   At first this only happened at night, then it began happening during the day as well making game play impossible.

I tried moving the Cartwrights to a different house in Monte Vista, I tried moving them to a different world with/without their house.  The same video problems ensue.  I updated the divers for my video card.  Nope.  I tried running the family without CC, but when I did that, the school and all the career buildings in Monte Vista disappeared, and Rosanna lost her job in law enforcement.  She was on level 7.  Also absent was many store items from the game inventory.

Sooo...I moved them to a nice two bedroom home in Riverview to stay there until I can figure something out.  I sure dont' want to lose the alien child and all the plant sims.

At any rate, keep on simming, everyone!



  1. Wow. Holy baby explosion. Great to see the alien baby, and I'm surprised to see that even elders can have them in this game. All the plant babies will be one reason to take care with planting those forbidden fruit seeds I imagine unless you're looking for a major population explosion. Hope you can get the splinter family fixed. Would be a shame to lose them after all this.

  2. Oh my word!!! I want plant babies now!

  3. So many strange creatures! Did they all come with Seasons?

    1. The plantsims came with University Life and the aliens came with Seasons, I believe. The witches/warlocks came with Supernatural. :). I believe Supernatural is my favorite EP by far.

  4. Oh, what a shame to maybe be losing Henry's family, especially since it seems to be growing a lot now. And ciao, Wendy. Jackie will probably join you soon (unless, of course, he's hiding a death flower somewhere. haha).