Sunday, April 28, 2013

Generation 3.5

Ah, here we go.  This chapter is started with a double birthday party for Humphrey and his neice by dirt, Plantsim Blossom.  Ugh, Humphrey, you need a makeover.  Humphrey was impeached (fired) in the last chapter at his political job for dipping into the election funds.    He was governor of Sunset Valley.  Erm, if that happned in real life, we would have no one in government running things.  He has started over at the bottom of the political ladder, but no matter, he has a death flower that was grown by his mother Wendy tucked away in his backpack.

The day after the birthday party, the two Evil Sims in the Cartwright family found themselves together in the garden.  Kaley had lured her brother Pete there, and threw an elixir at him.  Oh my....

Pete:  Oh my gosh Kaley..that sure stunk....ugh...why did you do that, and what was that??

Kaley:  You will see, Pete.  You will see.  *cackles evilly*

Kaley then uses and elixir on herself...she can now cast spells like warlock husband George.  Just call her Kaley Cartwright, the Infallibly Evil Witch.

That day was a full moon in Sunset Valley.  And as Pete was out hunting gems for Kaley's alchemy needs, he found out what that putrid elixir was she threw at him...

Pete the Evil of Emperor Werewolf.  He drew an immediate hunger for raw meat.  Good thing his backpack was filled with raw steaks and beef patties,  courtesy of his mother Wendy's great gardening.  (Steak plants and beef patty plants).

In the mean time, Carla hits up the magical mirror for a make over.  Not a bad job.  :)

That night Jackie Cartwright's ghost is bothered by a zombie that decided to stop by the Cartwright lot.  Apparently getting toadified by Warlock George last full moon did not deter this zombie from visiting again.

Speaking of ghosts, witches and werewolves.  It is the day before Autumn, and Pete picks two pumpkins out of the garden and carves them.  Autumn is his favorite season of the year.

Pete has been hunting for ingredients for Kaley, and decided to enlist the Weatherstone's help to get a Hunters Storm. But he had no favor with the Weatherstone. He must gain more experience as a werewolf before this will work.

Humphrey finally asked Latanya to go steady.  She agreed, it was about time.  She also gave him over $5,000 for a campaign donation, and her mother contributed $6,000.  

It naturally followed that he would ask her to marry him, and she agreed.  Looks like there is a bachelor party in Humphrey's future!  And then, a wedding party!

In the meantime, Carla finds the chicks at the chicken coop irresistible.   Carla is so sweet and unassuming, it is hard to believe she came from an evil mother, and a mean warlock dad.  heh

George maxes Athletic, thanks to the Potent Skill Booster elixir Kaley threw at him.  He was 2 pts away from maxing it out.  SCORE!  George has now maxed two skills, logic and athletic.  One more to go, and he will have his LTW as a Renaissance Sim.

Tyrone is now king of his own house right next door to the Cartwrights, and invited Humphrey over for a party.  Humphrey hit up everyone there for a campaign donation, and fulfilled an opportunity for his job.  Tyrone accused him of making his party lame. heh  Somewhere along the line Tyrone had become a werewolf.

Inappropriate Jackie was still being inappropriate by helping himself to pancakes, in ghost form. George proceeds to tell Jackie he better not leave dirty dishes for him to clean up.

Humphrey dressed up for his bachelor party, and bought in a juice kegger.  The party was scheduled to start at 8 am. 

Tyrone and Pete got into a contest of who made the better looking werewolf.  heh

 Naturally, he went around collecting campaign donations from everyone, and by the time the party was over the following morning at 6 am, Humphrey's political campaign had over $39,000 in it.

The next day was a full moon, and it was also Blossom's birthday.  I love this picture of Kaley, George, and their children Carla and Blossom.

A while later, Humphrey visted Latanya to find out she had a daughter.   She told him he was the father.  (It seems the Cartwright men have an MO of creating children outside of the Cartwright house).  Humphrey wasn't sure he was ready for fatherhood, and quickly left the house to attend another political fundraising party.

That same day was Carla's birthday to adult hood.

LTW - Jack Of All Trades


Commitment Issues
Light Sleeper
Loves the heat

Carla immediately threw a wish to go to University, so off she went, majoring in Fine Arts.

She began to put the sketch pad she find in her backpack to good use.

In between classes, Carla takes time to collect some lavendar and greenleaf samples for her mother's herb garden.  This was the only time she had a chance to do this.  I realized that she never made any progress with her studies, and she actually failed exams after the first week.  The progress meter kept going down instead of up.

She accepted every opportunity to do extra credit, and even paid for tutoring.  She gathered a study group together in the dorm and did extra work.   Participating in that study group was the resident female plantism.  Her name is Sharon Dorsey.

Well, I got up to go fix me a plate of food in the kitchen, after setting Carla to potty, bathe, and eat before going to class.  I came back and found her just standing with 'be smooched' in her queue, by Sharon.

This made Carla obsess over Sharon for a period of time.  She ran off to class, and Sharon went with her on an outing to class.  At this point I am thinking who am I to stand in the way of Sim love.  heh  But alas, after the effect wore off, the two never talked again during Carla's stay at University.  She did pass finals the second time around, and went home.  She needs to go back to finish her degree in Fine Arts.

In the meantime, Kaley was very close to finishing up her LTW.  She was 10 away from using 50 elixirs.  Here she uses the  Vial of Bliss on her ghostly Uncle Gene.  He was a very happy fellow for the rest of the time he spent haunting that night.

In the meanwhile, Pete holds a hungar strike, then protests against handcuffs, being that he has worn a pair of them so often during his job in crime.  Humphrey took a big chance being there, being he has a job in the public sector.  He is now once again Mayor.

The same day of the protest. Pete aged to elder.  He had been a werewolf for a while now, and decided to try his hand at Hunter's Storm with the weather stone.  It was granted.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  Heh.  That gem to the left was a sunstone that magically appeared.  Kaley now has 3 of them.

It is the time of the spring festival, Kaley, Carla, and Blossom head down to have some fun. As was mentioned in a prior chapter, important things seem to happen to the Cartwrights at festivals. Here, Kaley meets her Lifetime Want by becoming an Alchemy Artisian (top alchemy skill, and use 50 elixirs). She threw a skilling elixir at Carla to top it out.

This is where we end this chapter of The Cartwrights in Sunset Valley, and the story of Generation 3.  Kaley and Pete have met their lifetime want, and Humphrey is on a 'do over' for his, it will be a wonder if he meets it before his Grim party.  I think he will buy time with life fruit.  He has a death flower in his backpack, but I can't see making him hang around for another stint in his elder years.  George the mean warlock has aged to elder by now, and is till plugging away at topping a third skill, he is studying alchemy.  Made sense, since he works in magic.

I had thought to marry off Humphrey to the fairy Latanya, but decided against it.  Already during this generation I had begun to play witches and werewolves, and didn't want to throw a fairy into the mix.  I want time to devote to each supernatural being.

In the picture above, Carla is cooking hotdogs to meet an opportunity.  So far she has been unlucky in love, although like her Uncle Gene, she has commitment issues.  The next chapter will pick up with the saga of Generation 4. 

Keep on simmin'!



  1. Wow, lots going on here. Grats on the LTWs fulfilled. Hopefully Humphrey will get his so you can count his points with all the time you have invested in him.

  2. Yay another update....Don't you love what they do when you aren't looking? I have to admit the only reason I don't walk away more lately is I don't want to miss Grim showing up for my elders.