Saturday, May 4, 2013

Generation 4

At the end of the last chapter titled Generation 3.5, G3 Kaley had just reached her Lifetime Wish of Alchemy Artisian while attending the Spring Festival.

This day was also Kaley's birthday to elderhood, this makes all of G3 elders.  Since she was now an Alchemy Artisian, she registered at the courthouse as a self employed Artisan.  We will see how that goes.

Gene Cartwright, Kaylynn Cartwright, and Wendy (Flowers) Cartwright
Want the ghosts to stop hogging the beds?  Rocking chairs.  They love them.  I have found that theses are also great if you have an overstuffed house, and not enough room for beds for everyone.  They are great energy builders.  The elders especially love them, of course.

Carla cheers for her Sister by Dirt, Blossom, as she ages to teen.  She rolled an additional trait, appropriately, Vegetarian.  :-)  I swear.  :-)  I dont know why she has the rubber suit on.  Heh.  Blossom had a wish to discover a potion thus her pose in front of the chemistry table.

George the mean warlock maxes out his third skill, and has reached his LTW in becoming a Renaissance Sim.  He maxed logic, athletic, and alchemy.  Good for you George!  Now everything you do can be counted in the Completion Challenge~

Well, Kaley's job turned out very well in the Alchemy Career, it took her all of three days to top it out...

This will be the only job she holds.  Heh

In the meantime, Humphrey is now only one promotion away from Leader of the Free World.  His campaign funding zeroed out when he received the promotion to level 9, and had to get it beefed up again.  He just walked around town asking people for money.  Being that his Charisma was maxed out, and he had the 'Attractive' reward, he had no problem.  In one Sim evening, he had $50,000.

In the meantime, Humphrey's neice Carla was wishing for her first kiss, and headed off the the Spring Festival on Love Day to visit the kissing booth.  Unfortunately this did not fulfill the wish.  Poor poor Carla.  She might try online dating.

Blossom however managed to score a date to the prom.  However, it was so cold that she changed out of her gown into her outerwear to get in the limo.  :(  In fact, it has been so cold all spring the garden plants have stayed dormant.  At this point in time as I write this, it is three days until Summer, and the garden is still at a stand still.  I can't wait for greenhouses that can be built.

Humphrey threw a wish to teach Blossom to drive.  And so it was!  Blossom is the first teen in the Cartwrights to learn to drive.

Carla's online profile at SimDating website.  She was very excited, couldn't wait to see if she could find somebody decent.

Humphrey finally reaches his LTW, and his life meter is full.  He did eat a few life fruit, but the death flower rested in his backpack 'just in case'.  However, it was unceremoniously yanked out and given to Blossom.

I cannot say enough good things about the venue, Stones Throw Greenhouse.  I bought it from the Sim Store at full price when it first came out, and I feel it was money well worth spent.  I especially love the gardening aspect of The Sims 3, and never fail to find  hard to find seeds, such as money tree seeds, and death flower seeds.  With the advent of University, all the special plants that came with that EP can be found here in seed form, as well as the mushrooms growing about.  On this day, my Sim found a death flower simply laying on the ground.  It goes without saying, I put the greenhouse in every neighborhood I play.

Haha this made me chuckle.  Mean warlock George has been practicing his magic by performing the conversion ritual on apples in his inventory.  Here he gets a Sunstone, and a toad named Billie. hehehe!

Carla gets the handcuffs slapped on her for making murials on the sidewalk at the festival.  heh  The cop just took her home and scolded her.  Carla then carried a 'being watched' moodlet for days.

Here are a couple of guys who have responded to Carla's profile on the SimDating website.  She gave Alphonso a call, and Cole actually came to the house for a visit.  So far, no big sparks.

Blossom threw a wish to hopscotch, and so it was.  However, this child like wish was soon outdated....

The day finally came for Blossom to grow up to Young Adult.  She invited her old prom date, and a couple of the guys that answered Carla's online ad.  (Erm, why does playing in the rain not fulfill her water need??)

But while she was on the phone making the party arrangements...

Grim came for Pete, The Emperor of Evil who just happened to be a werewolf too.  George the Mean Warlock watches intently and can only think how much more competition there will be for the rocking chairs now.  Pete doesn't seem to mind going to the Sim Hereafter.   His twin Humphrey is still alive, due to eating life fruit.

So as HeavensKyss says, the way to get an elder to kick off is to have a party.  I really believe it works.  heh

Pete's stats for the Completion Challenge:

 Thank you Pete!

The party went on as scheduled, despite the passing of Pete.  The girl clear to the right with the blonde braids is Mary McCoullough, Humphrey's love child with the fairy Latanya.

Blossom is going to max out all the social groups that came with university.  This will be easy peasy.  Especiallly after gaining the charismatic trait.  Her traits right now are:

Loves the outdoors

I think this is a good place to end this chapter, even though it is not as long as some of the others.  I tended to play more than blog this time around.  But at any rate, all of G4 are adults now, time for their story.

When will G3 ever finish dying off?  Will Carla ever find a man?  Her internet love, Alphonso, (the middle one in the picture) turned out to have a mean streak and he wanted to argue all the time.  I have just finished two generations of arguing...(G2 Jackie Cartwright and G3 mean warlock George Cartwright).  I really wanted none of that. 

That is it!  See you next time!



  1. Grats to Humphrey on finally getting his LTW done. I'm sure you were relieved to be done with that. I got the greenhouse recently when it was on sale, but hadn't installed it in any of the neighborhoods yet. I think this post has convinced me to go ahead and do so.

  2. It's true! If you throw a party they will go! It's fairly rare for me to have a party for my Sims and not have someone die be it guests or family. Grim likes to crash the parties apparently.

    And congrats!! I can't wait to play with rocking chairs. They look like a hoot for the ghosts.