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Generation 4.2

In chapter 4.1, Ben Cartwright the fairy married Blossom the plantsim.  Ben is a coward, and just can't get out the door to work mornings that any ghosts are in the house.

Blossom reaches maximum Nerd influcence.  Jock and Rebel to go!

Blossom plants two forbidden fruit seeds that appeared in her inventory after she and her husband had woohoo.  Erm.

What's this?  It looks like Ben and Carla have a great deal of natural attraction, definite magnetic attraction going on here.  Hmmm...they constantly seek each other out for dancing, ect.  Carla checks her online dating profile and sees him listed there.  heh 

This is Dominick Casper, the handyman who comes and repairs the sink at the house.  Carla also has an attraction here.  Why on earth, just a few days from turning elder, does she now start showing interest in men?  Could it be that her maternal clock is ticking down?

On a full moon night, Carla (who is now working on her third job in culinary) sits with her now 121 year old Uncle Humphrey on the ghost rocking porch, and realizes she is pregnant.  Whhhoooo is the daddy?  (Silent Risky Woohoo is now installed in my game).  On the other hand, as I play I can't believe that G4 is getting ready to turn elder, and they have not produced an heir yet!

Blossom photosynthesizes beside her still growing plantbabies.

Speed forward a couple of Real Life has been a while since I have played the Cartwrights.  I went back to TS2 for a while, then went on to start a new hood in TS3 for the Apocolypse Challenge.  eh.  I got tired of playing poor deprived Sims, so back to the rich Cartwrights.  heh  Next are pictures I took at some point but did not blog.  So here we go, to the best of my ability to remember what I was thinking while I was playing.  

Blossom finishes photosynthesing and grows up to adult.  Notice her husband in the background laughing about it.

Carla could not be kept happy at all to get job promotions,  and so made trips to the spa to get treatments.  She would carry the spa moodlet for days, and thus was able to get to work.  One day whilst getting a treatment during her pregnancy, she came right back out and started labor.  She had a little boy named  Alec.  (No newborn pics...all TS3 babies look just about alike).  Generation 5 has been born!  Who da daddy?  Dominick Casper, handyman.  Does the baby have any hidden traits from this NPC?  No.

In the meantime, Blossom's plantbabies were ready for harvest.  Ben picked one of them, so there would be a boy plantsim.  This is Geoff.  I am still learning how all this plantsim business works; the family tree shows Ben as the sole parent of  Geoff. 

And Blossom had a girl named  Elsa.

Uncle Humphrey shares one of his favorite pastimes with one of the babies.  Rocking in the rocking chair.

Ah, Alec grows up to toddler.  What a cutie patootie!  He looks like the typical Cartwright toddler.  Cherub cheeks, blonde hair.

Blossom gets abducted.  Why didn't this happen to Ben???

Now, we are up to date on play.  I fired up the game this morning to play.

It is morning, and Humphrey puts a meal on to cook, and naturally walks away.  I was busy making sure Carla got out the door to work.

While Blossom, Ben and the maid are inside doing the fire dance, Humphrey makes a beeline for the rocking chairs on the ghost porch.  He didn't make it.

Ah-ha!  I have found the one thing that will pull a Sim away from doing the fire dance.  Ben leaves the fire excitement to come outside to witness Humphrey's visit with grim.

NO, NO, NO, ABSOLUTLEY NO!!!!!  I thought I had all those out of the backpacks for folks who had met their LTW???  ASimWen quits without saving.  I never thought deathflowers would be a nuisance.  Generation 3 needs to let go for goodness sake.  Okay.

I fire the game back up, and find that Humphrey DOES NOT HAVE a death flower in his backpack.  Where did he get it from?

I find three in storage here.  Kayley used this to store her elixers in while practicing Alchemy.  I move them out and put one each in the babies' inventories.  I also have Humphrey place all elixirs, metals, and gems left over from Kayley's dabbling in magic into the cabinet.   I play the game the same way and hope that Grim comes for Humphrey again, except this time Humphrey did not cook.  I think to check his age.  He is 132 years old, because he ate life fruit to gain time to get his LTW.  I had no experience with it, and now I see he ate far too much.  Let's see now if he is still able to produce the death flower.

HUH?????  Quit without saving again.  I am pulling out my Sim hair.  I check the garden.  Is there one there? Is there one maybe laying on the ground around the lot???  What am I missing?  I remove everything from his back pack thinking maybe something magical there was creating it.  Well, almost everything.  He had one item that could not be removed.  A jar of fairy dust he received from his beleaguered fiancee Latanya.  Hmmm.....

This worked.  Hm.  I removed various 'samples' that Kayley had made with the science machine, all fish and produce went into the fridge...and all insects, butterflies, ect went to Blossom.  What combination of items in Humphrey's backpack created a deathflower?  Does anyone have any ideas?  The only thing I can come up with is the fact that he had 6 'special' seeds in his backpack that Kayley had gathered from the Stones Throw Greenhouse.  These are deathflower seeds.  Does having one of these constitute having the actual flower when Grim comes?  At any rate RIP Humphrey, and goodbye to G3.  Finally.

Humphrey's contribution to the Completion Challenge:

And there you are.  Humphrey is the last of Generation 3.  Here is the generational point totals so far:

G1  16
G2  40
G3  32
G4  13 (so far)
G5  04 (so far)

On with Generation 4/5.

Finally it was time for the toddlers to grow up.  Alec was the first.  Here we see him honing his skills in rocking. So far his traits are loner, loves the cold, and animal lover (new).

Next was Elsa.  Her traits so far are loves the outdoor, hot headed (new to the challenge) and green thumb.

Here is Geoff explaining to his Aunt Carla why one should not like the cold.  His traits so far are athletic (new to the challenge) good and workaholic.

I have already chosen Alec to be the heir, for obvious reasons.  I just like playing plantsims.  What can I say?  heh  There are six more forbidden fruit seeds in inventory.  I don't know when and if they will be used.

The same day the toddlers grew up, Carla aged as well.  Yes girlfriend, your youthful exuberance is gone.  Apparently so is your fashion sense.  You will get a makeover.  Carla's sister by dirt, Blossom was there to help her celebrate, as was all the kids.  I have to say here, Carla still has not met her LTW of Jack of All Trades.  she has been difficult....lazy...would stay home from work if I was not paying attention.  She is on her last job, culinary and is currently on level 3.  Two more levels to go, then her points in the challenge can be counted. 

I think this is a great place to end this chapter, with G4 aging to elder, and G5 all grown to kids. 

Odd Pics Out:
Ghostly Shenanigans

From left to right:  Founder Shane Cartwright, and his sons Gene Cartwright and Jackie Cartwright.  They began to engage in the nightly game of musical chairs on the rocking porch.  I find it funny when ghosts are grossed out by each other.

Kayley Cartwright, Wendy (Flower) Cartwright, and Gene.  It is a full moon night, and the visiting zombie see how much fun rocking the night away is.

Inside the mausoleum.  I purchased and installed Late Night so I could have the ability to move objects up and down on the wall, specifically for this mausoleum.   One urn is not the gold/white variety.  That belongs to George the mean Warlock.  He had met his LTW, but I suppose this is a witch's urn.

If you are a regular fan of the Cartwrights, you know this is not the Cartwright lot.  This belongs to the Harrisons in my TS3 Apocalypse challenge.   (unblogged)  My founder who is close to passing into the Sim great beyond built this grim reaper snowman.  Heh, I found it funny.

And last but not least, the funniest thing ever...this really made me laugh out loud!  Twallan's Story Progression named this cute little kitten EvilGenius....hahahaha!  Still makes me chuckle.

And that is it.

Keep on Simmin'!


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  1. Wow, Humphrey was determined to stick around wasn't he? Ever figure out where the deathflower was coming from? I'm not sure if I've had any die with the seeds in inventory.