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Generation 4.3

And we start this entry with G4 Blossom reaching her LTW, top of all social groups. Erm. She bought her way to the top, yup, she could have done this at any time. As she earned lifetime happiness points, she spent them on the social group perks. heh At any rate, now everything she does will be included in the Challenge.

Blossom had a wish to find a seed, as she still has not become a Master Gardner.  Up to Stones Throw Greenhouse she went.  Here she found 3 red glowing seeds that seemed to have a heartbeat.  She picked them up and took them home for planting.

Blossom immediately planted the pulsating seed.  Alas, it was fall, and the garden went dormant for the winter before it could spout.

Alec, the heir too the Cartwright fortune and home, is a cold loving Sim, and habitually ate outside when ever the chance when the snow fell.  Even in his underware.  Weird kid.

It was soon Alec's birthday to teen, and Alec rolled the trait handy.  Ugh...don't need it for the challenge.  He is sporting the same shaggy hair cut his uncle Gene had.

Elsa and Geoff make a hockey snowman on this wintry day...which also happens to be their birthday.

They were still outside when it came time for magical transition to teenager.  Geoff picked up the trait diva, and Elsa picked up night owl.

 Speaking of birthdays...

It was also Benjamin's to adult.  Being a supernatural Sim, he has an extra long life.  For some reason he followed Carla downtown where she was creating a wall mural for the town on the hospital wall.  That is her, in the pink dress.

Blossom also aged to elder.  ugh. Plant Sims to not make good looking elders.

Soon it was time for the grown ups to go on vacation for a couple of days and off they went. The first thing Alec did was invite his new girlfriend Leila Christenson to stay over night.  Lots of laughing and talking ensued.

Leila found an empty bed to sleep in (with all the adults out of the house).  The next morning Alec served up apple pancakes, and found Leila to be quite sweet.

Ummm excuse me Alec...don't you see that????  Erm....Alec decides that maybe Leila may not be the best choice as a future

He decides to throw a party and invites all the teenagers he knows.  Maybe he will find a better candidate for a life mate at this party.  He realizes he carries a heavy responsibility as the only heir this generation to carry on the Cartwright name.

Alec quickly realizes he is attracted to Anissa Christenson, Leila's sister.  Leila looks none to pleased.

Geoff learns that the adults are coming back from vacation within the hour, and tries to get everyone to leave.

The adults arrive home as the last guest scampered away....Geoff suddenly felt the need to nap in the rocking chair, and Alec was feverishly working on his homework at the table.  Elsa was just arriving home from work.  Will the adults notice what just went on?  Nope.

It was back to work for everyone, and Carla finally met her LTW at age 97, and after 3 pieces of life fruit.  She will now be able to slip into the Sim Beyond, and everything she has done (which isn't much) will be added to the Completion Challenge.

At this point in time, I finally face the fact that many things about the lot isn't working right.  The school bus stopped coming for the Cartwright kids when they aged up to teenagers and the kids were forced to take the cab or walk to school.  Once there, they usually just stood outside all day, never getting inside to class even though the game showed they were there.  No one in Sunset Valley had the service of the bus any more.

Alec and his plantsim siblings also had after school jobs, and they never quite made it to the job.  They would stand around on the sidewalk outside of door and do nothing never entering the building to work, even though the game showed they were working.  When their shift was over, they would not come home.  So.

I just sort of limped through their teen years, thinking maybe with all the contacts Alec had I could find him a future mate.  Then the day came, and he grew up to adult.

Alec, the heir to the Cartwright fortune and the selected one to carry on, grew up to be quite handsome.

Alec Cartwright

Life time wish:  to be a Master or Mysticism

Avant Garde
Loves the Cold
Animal Lover
Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Rebel (hidden)

Geoff and Elsa grew up too. 

Elsa Cartwright

Life time wish:  to Grow a Perfect Garden  (not surprising)

Couch Potato
Loves the Outdoors
Night Owl
Hot Headed
Green Thumb
Can Apprehend Burglar (hidden)
Green Thumb (hidden)
Rebel (hidden)

Geoff Cartwright

Life time wish:  To become a Superstar Athlete

Nerd (hidden)

At this point in time, I realize no invitation was ever issued for any of the Cartwright kids to attend graduation ceremonies from high school at the courthouse.  Not that I love doing that, but just sayin'.  Another thing that wasn't working right in the game.

Alec spun up the wish to attend University, so I sent him.  Uni would not load.  Now I realize drastic action must be taken.  A copy of the Cartwright family and home is saved to the library, and the lot is bulldozed, and the house placed back on the lot.  All the friendships are severed.  Too bad. The entire inventory in the alchemy cabinet was lost; 7 death flowers, and all the Cartwright gems that had been collected over 4 generations.  *sigh*

Other things wrong:  The family tree now longer showed Shane Cartwright as the founder, he just sort of fell off the radar.   It only goes back now to Shane's son, Jackie Cartwright.  ugh.  Elsa was stuck in the 'tip toe' way of walking after she pranked the school.

Well, I decided this was a good place to end this chapter, with Generation 5 as adults.

Odd Pictures Out:

There was a fire on the Cartwright lot, and a townie burned to death.

The Cartwright ghosts and a zombie rock the night away, literally, with chairs and the radio.

Keep on Simmin', everyone!


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  1. It's fun to read about your family here. I like the look of the plantsim Blossom.
    Good to see snow in TS3, how funny is that kid sitting in his tightie-whities?!
    uhoh, sounds like bugs are appearing, good job you had a save. :)