Sunday, March 17, 2013

Generation 3

We pick up generation 3 with Wendy spending time with her children during homework time. Humphrey has received notice that if he gets an after school job, his school performance will improve. (that seems backward, but oh well) He is already on the honor roll, but the Cartwrights are not ones to turn down an opportunity. He gets a job working in the mausoleum. 

The next day was the twin's birthday.  Humphrey was the first to blow out his birthday candles.

Wants to be Leader of the Free World

Absent Minded
Easily Impressed

Then it was Peter's turn.  Sweet, unassuming Peter.  He surprised everyone when he announced his life's ambition.

Wants to be the Emperor of Evil

Vehicle Enthusiast
Heavy Sleeper

Jackie exclaimed to Wendy that their boys had certainly set lofty goals for themselves. (All of the kids from this generation have the hidden ability to apprehend a burglar, including little Breckin born to Henry and Rosanne in Monte Vista).

The next day, Humphrey headed down to the courthouse and got a job in politics....

And Peter started hanging out at that abandoned warehouse on the edge of town.

The very next day was Kaley's birthday.  She did not get a party, as ASimWen forgot it was her birthday.  To pay ASimWen back for this faux pas.....Kaley rolls the 'mean spirited' trait.  Let us review.  This is in addition to the traits of evil, brave, and light sleeper.  And of course....Jackie is pointing and laughing.  How inappropriate!  heh

The Cartwrights were asleep for 3 hours when a burglar decided to stop by the house.   All the Cartwright men sat bolt straight upright and got out of bed at the same time, like synchronized swimming.  They walked single file to the front door where the burglar was waiting for them.

Heh.  Peter, who is in the Criminal field of work, got to the buglar first and beat him up.  How ironic.

He was rather pleased with himself.  :-)  The burglar alarm didn't even go off.

Grandpa Shane Cartwright woke light sleeper Kaley up playing with the computer in her room.  It's gonna go into the family inventory, after all, there are three computers in the house and only one writer now.  (Jackie - Journalism).

Humphrey spent lots of time in public shaking hands and kissing babies to prepare for his career in politics.  He seemed to have a lot of charisma, and had no trouble at all making friends.  Why, everyone seemed to like him.  He would take Kaley with him during these outings, hoping that she would manage to make friends too, being cursed with the traits of evil and mean spirited.  However, if she managed to get anyone to talk to her it always ended up in an argument.

Pete...aka Peter on the other hand hit a snag one night at his job.

Yes, Pete gets arrested.  I wonder how this will play out for Humphrey's adoring public in his political life???  I can see the headlines now....'Local Politician's Brother Arrested For Having A Lime In His Pocket!'


Sunset Valley's finest is working over time this night....after throwing Pete in jail, the officer drove right over to the Cartwright house where Pete's family was sleeping and caught a burglar.  Wow, lawlessness seems to have taken over the town.

Pete thinks to grease a few palms at City Hall, where his brother Humphrey works.  He is hoping that he can get Humphrey's office to look the other way when it comes to his employer's illicit activities....and maybe he won't waste any more time in jail.

Even Humphrey couldn't stop Pete from getting arrested for his bribery attempt.  At this rate, Pete will never reach TOC.

In the meantime, life goes on.  Wendy spends lots of time in her garden.  She is 85 years old now.


Heh.  At 85 years of age, Gene finally gets his first woohoo, with Xrabbite during a party.  However, this weird glitch happened.  Right before woohoo, Gene whipped out his smart phone and chose 'take romantic picture together' of him and Xrabbite.  Xrabbite instantly took on Gene's unique look.  That is her in the brown jacket.  I laughed so hard.  They ducked under the covers in woohoo, and upon resurfacing, Xrab was her old self again.  I couldn't resist....I had to try for baby.  heh

In the meantime, Humphrey gets calls from the ladies for dates.  This is Brooke Staples.  Not only is she beautiful, but she loves to talk politics.  However, Humphrey found out she is married, and thought it best to nip it in the bud and end the involvement with her right away.  The last thing he needed was a scandal to hurt his political career.

Gene sees Xrabbite at the park, and yes indeed she is pregnant with his child.  The David Tennant look alike there in the back ground is disgusted by this public display.   He lives in Xrabbite's household, and was upset when Gene and X slept together.  They must have a 'thang'.

And this is where we leave the Cartwrights in Sunset Valley for this round, after playing two Sim weeks.  Pete finally got a good nights' work in by sleeping through his shift and got  a promotion to level four in Criminal.   At this point, I couldn't stand it any longer and I installed Seasons, Supernatural, and Generations.  I will installed WA and Ambitions later.

On to the Cartwrights in Monte Vista.

It is early morning in Monte Vista, and Henry is tending his garden, thinks to keep a 'perfect' garden.  Every plant is producing a perfect fruit/vegetable.  He completes the Master Farmer challenge.

Breckin, the son of Henry Cartwright and Rosanne (former maid) Cartwright ages up to toddler.  He does not look like the typical Cartwright, with the brown hair and green eyes of his mother.

Henry checks out the new science station and begins to build up his science interest.  I find it funny that a Mad Scientist with top gardening, fishing, and logic skills still has to work up science interest to use this effectively.

In the meantime, Breckin ages up to child, and decides to pay a 'trick or treat' call on the vampire/faerie couple that moved in next door, as he had a wish to meet a supernatural.

Heh, I didn't have him change into a costume. 

He decided to raid the University present that has been sitting in the yard since he was born. Maybe he will go.


And we end this chapter with Breckin's birthday to teen, outside in the snow.  ;-)  Eh, Breckin, I think you need to change out of those shorts.

Having a blast with Seasons and Supernatural.  Breckin became a ghost temporarily when he went through the haunted house numerous times at the fall festival, and then trick or treating was alot of fun. 

Like the fact that the first gnome of the Completion Challenge has been earned.  Rosanne got the witch gnome when she went through the haunted house at the fall festival.  

Henry was abducted by aliens; he is nearly at the end of his life, he is 85 years old, and only a sliver left on his life bar.  When he was dumped out of the alien space ship, the aliens were benevolent enough to clean up the zombies that were hanging out in the Cartwright yard.  :-)  On the subject of zombies - I don't find them to be too bad, I found it funny when two of them died Grim came for them. could they die if they are the living dead??

At this point, I think it is pertinent to post score:

Generation 1 contributed 16 points to the Completion Challenge.
Generation 2 is up to 40 points contributed so far.
Generation 3 is up to 14. 
Total points - 70. (thank you Excel).

This is assuming everyone meets their LTW, and their points can be counted.  Roseanne, Breckin, Peter, Humphrey, and Kaley have not met their LTW.

Next chapter, we will be back in Sunset Valley!  Have fun everyone, and keep on Simmin'!



  1. Great update! Things are coming right along with the Cartrights. It must have been a special lime that Peter had with him. One genetically engineered so that its juice was acidic enough to melt through steel bars in a jail cell yet mild enough to simply add a nice tang to the margaritas later on. ;) And he'd probably imbedded razorblades in the edges of the frame on that reward certificate.

  2. Great update, Wen. Your sims always seem so life-like and realistic.

  3. Nice update - but Humphrey really has to get a haircut and a shave to get MY vote in politics :)

  4. Actually I thought Humphrey cleaned up nicely to be a politician. However, I think Peter looks really nice as a somewhat scruffy, though sexy criminal. :->