Sunday, May 11, 2014

Generation 6

Hello Generation 6!   The dawn of this generation sees the married in Cartwright Deangelo comparing werewolf fangs with the long dead Cartwright werewolf Peter Cartwright.  How funny!  Pete would have none of it...bared his fangs right back at him!  GRRROOOOWWWLLL!!!!

While the supernatural Cartwrights were up to their shenanigans, Penney Cartwright went into labor, and thumbed a ride to the same hospital where her mother is a surgeon.  Deangelo followed along after he was through doing werewolf things like seeing who the alpha male dog was.

This whole birthin' baby thang wore Penney out.  She had twins thank goodness with all the time she had to take off work, 11 days.  She named her children werewolf sounding names.  Damen and Daria, a boy and a girl.  Deangelo received a cool 5,000 happiness point deposit for fulfillment of a promised wish to have a boy.

  • Loves the outdoors 
  • Heavy sleeper
  • Werewolf 
  • Hidden:  Nerd
  • Hidden:  Can apprehend a burglar
  • Hidden:  Rebel  
  • Brave 
  • Disciplined
  • Werewolf
  • Hidden:  Nerd
  • Hidden:  Can apprehend a burglar
  • Hidden:  Rebel   
Nice.  The traits were rerolled until decent ones for werewolves came up.  Couch potato/genius just didn't get it.

Deangelo could be found at any time take care of his little cubs.  Awwww!

In the meantime, grandpa Alec stayed busy mixing bottled curse of Lycan.  Might come in handy later.

Penney spent most of her time off caring for the twins, and working in the garden.  Ashely and Alec helped when Penney left the house to go find silver for the curse of Lycan that Alec was manufacturing.

It wasn't long before the twins grew up.  Wooo doesn't Damen look extremely wolf-ish?

Deangelo spent every second he could out doing werewolf type things, but seemed to have a hard time making friends.  Which he so needed to win his lifetime want. 

Little Damen could be found constantly scratching the furniture.  Daddy Deangelo would tell him to 'stop that' but it didn't seem to help.  Heh

Alec decided he needed to take a swig of 'job booster' potion.  He was nearing the end of his life *again* and wanted to make sure he topped his field.  After all he didn't want the other fortune tellers in his office to make fun of the Cartwright name.

And it worked.  Alec Cartwright finally made it to the top of his field, Master of Mysticism.  Everything he accomplished in the Completion Challenge will now count toward the total.  Unfortunately just at the moment he received recognition for working in the fortune telling industry...

Grimmie came for Ashley, his wife.  Penney was on hand to see her mother go.  Even though Ashley had reached her LTW the game did not give her a platinum headstone.  I am afraid this lot is getting borked.  :(

Ashley accomplished:

One big point.  heh  She was brought in mainly as a breeder to get the next generation going..and was already well into her life when Alec married her.  No time to really accomplish much.

Alright, ASimWen had had enough. Even after a remodel of the Cartwright house, I realized I really hated playing the lot, playing Island Paradise. I was also feeling nervous about Deangelo's LTW and how I really didn't know how to fulfill it. So I took a decision. The Cartwrights were going to move. Again. This time to Lucky Palms. But before that move, I was going to learn the Become Alpha Wolf LTW.
Stay tuned for the Adventures of Jacob Domingo, Werewolf Extraordinaire.


  1. Grats to Alex and RIP Ashley. Look forward to reading their adventures in Lucky Palms. Reading yours and others' blogs and watching Lets Plays is making me want to break my own rules regarding installing EPs.

    1. I recently discovered the "Let's Plays" vids. They are great! I am really getting into is tons of fun. :)

  2. I got into the "Let's Plays" bc I needed white noise at work. I usually leave work fiending to play my Sims. Which is a good thing b/c I have so many Sims in my challenge household it wears on me at times. I've never been fond of huge numbers of Sims in one household, I feel like I don't give each Sim enough time and attention.