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Jacob Domingo, Werewolf Extraordinaire

Welcome to a special edition of the Cartwrights. This is an "out take" if you will, of how to win the LTW of Leader of the Pack. The current heiress of the Cartwrights, Penney, married a werewolf who has this LTW. ASimWen has no clue how to satisfy it.  The Leader of the Pack must turn 5 people into a werewolf, and find $40,000 in goods while while 'hunting with the pack.'

Enter Jacob Domingo.

His LTW is to become the Leader of The Pack.  He resides in a little run down hut in Lucky Palms. He will teach me how beat this LTW.

Jacob's traits:
  • Adventerous
  • Brave
  • Loves The Outdoors
  • Gatherer
  • Dog Person
We join him this day, the first day of the Summer Festival.  He had only been in Lucky Palms for one day and spent it solo hunting and howling.  He spends as much time as possible in his werewolf state to build up his werewolf abilities.  Today he buys a terrarium for the gecko he found the day before.  He is happy about it.

Jacob will make his living selling the things he finds, and the fish he catches although he lives right across the road from the military installation and has wished he were a military man.

Today he will solo hunt once again, heading down to the summer festival where he hopes to meet some citizens of Lucky Palms.

He transforms.

After a stint of hunting, he finds tanzanite and a termite.  Off to the Summer Festival, where he meets Naomi Nita.  By now after two days of solo hunting and howling, he has the ability to give the cursed werewolf bite.  After he introduces himself to Namoi, he gives her the cursed bite.  It was quite a struggle. 

Naomi was immediately hungry felt like she needed to eat.

By now Jacob was really hungry so he entered a hot dog eating contest with two zombies and Naomi.  Being an eating machine he naturally won, then thought what a great werewolf he is. And hot dogs are his favorite food. 

Jacob then thought to try the bite again.  This is  Richard Irwin who was quite surprised and scared of Jacob!

He would have none of Jacob's werewolf nonsense and whacked him on the head with a newspaper.  He needed more werewolf experience!  His solo hunting today netted a butterfly and a firefly.

He went hunting again the next day and caught more insects.  All were common, and he sold them all for $69.  He also took 5 minnows worth $5 at the grocery store to the consignment store.  He got $8 apiece for them.  Score!

Jacob spends time at the potion store studying alchemy when he wasn't hunting.  You never know when a little magic might come in handy.

He was so busy working on his werewolf prowess and making a little cash, the repo lady came and took his trash can, mirror, and sofa.  He only replaced the trash can.

He decided to do a little trash rummaging to see what he might find to sell.  He found and outstanding quality pumpkin here which he took to the consignment store.

He visited this home to rummage ...and found it to be the home of Richard Irwin.  Mrs. Irwin invited Jacob inside.

Jacob thought he should try to get to know Richard and make friends with him, that might help.

By now two days had passed since he successfully gave Naomi Nita the cursed werewolf bite.

She was now a werewolf.  However, he was not friends with her.

After a few days, Jacob had made enough cash he was able to buy a $3,000 bed with high level and comfort.  Now he wouldn't have to spend so much time sleeping.

This is a vampire friend of Jacob's.  It seems he can make friends with other supernaturals easily, while humans back off from him.  I wonder why???  heh

So Jacob was feeling rather confident, and asked the Weather Stone for a hunter's storm. He did not find favor with the stone.  He tried the next day, and again did not find favor.

A few days later to his surprise he discovered that  Richard Irwin was also a werewolf.

The two would practice fighting and complimenting each other's fur.

Things seemed to be going so well that Jacob brought Richard along with him to ask the Weather Stone for a hunter's storm. They were successful Jacob was able to gather many expensive items.  A sunstone, a bloodstone, a silver spotted skipper butterfly, compendium, firefly roseus, and a honeypot ant.   Richard however felt like he wanted to take part in the fall festival and went apple bobbing instead.

By now,  Jacob had enough aspiration points to buy the Alpha Wolf reward.

Without the help of the reward, he has:

Cursed two people, and has gathered $659 while hunting as a pack.  That is the hunting outing he had with Richard.  Weeellll...time to put this reward to work.

This is Ichelle Gleason.  She let Jacob know without a doubt that he was cute and that she wanted to get to know him better.  She sent him letters in the mail.  Jacob called her up and asked her to meet him at the beach.

Boom - POW! He lays the cursed bite on her.

She no longer feel like he is cute. She runs away.

All dressed up like a werewolf and no where to go, Jacob decides to take a walk along the boardwalk and runs into....

Naomi Nita, the first person he ravaged with the curse.   She seemed less angry with him now, and stayed around to talk with him.  In fact, there was a wolf-ish attraction!

Upon examination of his little black book for wolf packs, Jacob discovered he knew Darren Dreamer.  Darren was a local celebrity in Lucky Palms, so Jacob found out where he lived.  He showed up one evening and impressed Darren so much he let Jacob in the house.

It didn't take long before Jacob laid the curse on him.

He howls in victory.  Another one down.

Ewww this guy looks really creepy as a werewolf.  His name is Clark Bellamore.  Jacob turned him on a lark at the Fall Festival right outside of the haunted house.   Another one down.

Soon Jacob had a large circle of werewolf friends, and invited them all to his house for a little socializing, including Darren Dreamer.  However, Darren didn't stick around long, he left after a few minutes.   By this time it had been two days since Darren was ravaged with the cursed bite, and had still not turned.

Ichelle Gleason came to the werewolf social, with eyes glowing.  Even though she is wearing a witch's hat, she was not a witch.  In fact ASimWen realized she is the same lady who would come and fix the broken things around Jacob's house.  She was the repair lady.

Soon everyone had turned to their werewolf form when Jacob invited them to practice fighting.  Then Jacob began to 'hunt with the pack' but none of his werewolf friends would do so.  They left one by one stating how lame their visit was to his house.

By this time his werewolf skill level was 8, and he was finding things like mummitomium, pink diamonds, moonstones, sunstones, and other rare gems.  Worth lots of cash, at that.

Jacob still only had 4 werewolf friends, however.  So he visited the beach at Lucky Palms to find the fifth person he needed for his LTW.  He found Abrianna King, who he ravaged with the bite.  Since he had the Alpha Wolf reward, the cursed bite always 'took'.  Except for once....Darren Dreamer.  Upon Jacob's visit to the beach, he realized why.  Darren was a mer-man.

Several days passed, and Jacob had several hunting parties with various members of his little werewolf family.  Here Jacob and Ichelle find favor with the weather stone and found many valuable items.

Jacob was now up to level 9 of the werewolf skill, and had turned five people.  He was nearly halfway to the amount of money needed to win his LTW.  He was 5 days from aging up to adult.

Jacob spent the next 5 days inviting a member of his pack out each day to do a little fighting and hunting.  The day of his birthday:

Jacob had turned 7 people, and was $1,422 away from satisfying his LTW.  Why this meant a trip to town to visit the summer festival with some of his werewolf friends.

Naomi Nita....who had by now aged up to a senior citizen type werewolf,

Richard Irwin...who was suffering the loss of Mrs. Irwin and constantly cried like a baby in his werewolf form,

And the creepy Clark Bellamore.

The men decided to see if they could get granted a hunting storm from the Weather Stone and it was granted. 

It was granted!  And what a grand hunt it was!

WOOT!  Leader of the Pack!

Jacob then turned into his human form whilst his friends sang happy birthday.

Happy birthday Jacob Domingo!  And thank you for helping me figure this out!  Take it easy for the rest of your life!

None of the expensive items were sold out of his backpack to support him.  He fished and grew a couple of garden vegetables, and sold insects to pay the bills.


4 Smoky Quartz Gems
3 Firefly Pratinus
1 Stag Beetle
1 Emerald Gem
3 Lapis Lazuli Gems
7 Copper Metals
5 Silver Metals
6 Turquoise Gems
1 Rainbow Beetle
9 Soulpeace Gems
1 Opal Gem
1 Carbon Steel Metals
4 Tiberium Metals
2 Pill Bugs
1 Glowy Fly
3 Water Beetles
5 Tanzanite Gems
3 Firefly Fulvus
4 Alabaster Gems
4 Sunstone Gems
8 Iron Metals
11 Tungsten Carbide Metals
 2 Bloodstone Gems
1 Zephyr Metalmark Butterfly
1 Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly
1 Compendium Metal
1 Firefly Roseus
1 Honeypot Ant
2 Palladium Metals
2 Firefly Albus
2 Plasma Bugs
3 Platinum Metals
5 Plutonium Metals
6 Yellow Sapphire Gems
4 Geode Gems
1 Vampire's Eye Gem
2 Supernovium Metals
1 Pink Willow-the-Wisp
2 Spiders
2 Citrine Gems
2 Ladybugs
5 Moths
1 Quartz Gem
6 Mummitomium Metals
2 Luminorius Gems
1 Quantum
2 Moonstone Gems
1 Red Assassin Bug
1 Firefly Iuteus
3 Rainbow Gems
2 Pink Diamonds
1 Cerambyx Beetle
3 Termites
1 Monarch Butterfly
1 Jade Gem
1 Titanum Metal
2 Woohooium Metals
1 Rainbow Butterfly
2 ruby Gems
2 Mercury Metals
1 Japanese Beetle
1 Smithsonite Gem
1 Royal Purple Butterfly

 And $40,000 worth of Leader Of The Pack Werewolf loot.  Heck, I don't even know how to use most of it in the game.  Except the Rainbow Gem can be used to bring the Imaginary Friend to life.

And what about the Gecko?

He is still goin' strong....

Ha.  And now....back to the Cartwrights.  They are moving to Jacob's town! Maybe they will meet up with him! Enjoy!

Keep on simmin'!


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  1. This is really helpful to know. I haven't tried to tackle Leader of the Pack yet. Darren is a werewolf in my game, and his and Rachel's son Dirk was born a werewolf. Maybe Dirk will end up with this for his LTW who knows. I hadn't played too much with the werewolf stuff in my game. It's neat to realize how much more they can do than I let them do.