Monday, February 18, 2013

Generation 2.2

The birth of Peter and Humphrey put a stress on the family, and it seemed like to Wendy, that Jackie picked a fight with her every time she turned around.  This is showed how 'inappropriate' he was being, and how 'grumpy'.

But the boys didn't notice the strife between their parents.  There was always someone with them 24/7,  if it was playing chess on the laptop at 3:00 am, (Henry) or watching TV or painting.  Jackie, however was not being an attentive husband.

Speaking of Henry, he mastered gardening, and can now do just about anything that has to do with the plants.

Wendy's sister Yusun Flowers called and asked  Gene if he would like to go on a date, and he agreed, being that he had a rare day off from the hospital.  They met at the art gallery.  After the date started, Gene wondered why Yusun had asked him out, it was apparent they did not have any chemistry at all.  But then on the other hand Gene does have Commitment Issues.

Soon it was time for the boys to grow up, and  lots of folks from the neighborhood showed up.  Jackie was able to get out of his bad mood funk long enough to help his boys blow out candles.

Peter Cartwright

but when it came time for Humphrey to blow out his candles, the cake exploded.  (This is the first time this has ever happened in my game.  What fun!)   Uncle Gene whipped out the fire extinguisher to put out the flames...

And managed to put the fire out before too much burned.  Another birthday cake had to be brought in for Humphrey.  LaShawn Christian was right up front to see the whole thing.

Humphrey grew up then, without incident.  The party was a moderate success, despite most of the party guests leaving after the birthday cake caught fire.

It seemed that nowadays the Cartwrights burned the candle at both ends.  Marion toiled away at the computer every waking moment reaching out for a goal of 20 books written.  A friend had put in an order for a Satire written by her, and she worked on it steadily.

At this point in his life, Jackie was now a weather man in the Journalism field, and didn't have to write any more commentary and articles about his neighbors and friends.  He had lost a friend who didn't like something he wrote about her.

Henry was now a Genetic Resequencer, at the top of his field in gardening and nearly there for fishing.  He keeps a steady wish to move up to the top of the scientific field.

Gene, who is a happy go lucky kinda guy and proverbially in a good mood all the time, is now an Infectious Disease Researcher, and constantly gets calls from girls for dates.  Perhaps they see him as a challenge, having the Commitment Issues trait.

Even the lovely Jacklyn Riddick couldn't catch his interest, even though Gene thought it to be the gentlemanly thing to take her to dinner and afterward, a play .

Just a few days later, it was the triplet's birthday.

While a big neighborhood party was planned and executed for the twins Peter and Humphrey, the triplets did no such thing.  Jackie was the first to age up, being roused out of bed during and evening nap.  He lost the hat he tended to wear constantly.

Henry was the next to advance to adulthood, gaining handsome chiseled features.  Jackie thought his brother looked hilarious upon aging up.....however, no thought was given to his own habit of prancing around the house in a pair of speedos. 

Gene was next, growing up on the beach where he had spent the day fishing.  Nothing like a day away from sick patients, and adoring girls.  He harbors a wish to master fishing, it is only about a half a skill point away.

Wendy aged up a couple of evenings later, just as she was coming out of  Doo Peas Corporate Towers after delivering 10 paintings.  At this point in her life, Wendy is well on her way to being a Master of the Arts, having nearly mastered painting, and has four skill points in guitar.

Then one day it happened...Gene found a girl who made his heart throb.  Rosanna Ezell, their maid.  Jackie did not think much of Gene's attraction to Rosanna.  Gene could not help himself, he had to flirt with Rosanna.

Henry was the next Cartwright to meet his lifetime goal.  Now everything he does can be included in the Completion Challenge.  Congratulations, Henry!

The very same day, on the day of the twin's birthday party their Uncle Gene reaches the top of his career as well.  It looks like everything he does will be included in the Completion Challenge.

And the party commenced.  Again, Jackie was on hand to help his boys blow out the candles on their birthday cakes.

Humphrey picked up the "exciteable" trait.

Peter Cartwright picked up the trait "vehicle enthusiast".

Henry had a day off from work, and decided to do a little midnight fishing the night before.  He went to the cemetery and fished until dawn, then  decided to tour the mausoleum.  He got pretty scared during the tour.  He came right home and worked the garden.  He did find a life fruit in the mausoleum, and planted it right away.

The day the life fruit was planted was also the first day the twins went to school. It was also the day their mom Wendy maxed her painting skills and put the brush down to concentrate on guitar.  She used the same guitar her dearly departed mother in law Kaylynn used as a rock star, so surely it had some magic left in it.

Peter and Gene were on hand when one evening Marion jumped up from her laptop where she had been toiling on her latest drama, and aged up.  Gene was surprised to see the whole thing, and Peter clapped with delight.

The next day, Wendy found out she was pregnant, and immediately started a strict diet of watermelon, as she wanted a little princess.

Henry occasionally received calls from girls for dates.  Who would this be but the maid, Rosanna Ezell, whom Henry's brother Gene had hit on.  Henry felt a strong 'magnetic' attraction to Rosanna.  She seemed so sweet, as she wanted to meet at Henry's favorite fishing hole. 

However, his scientific mind couldn't decipher the inane conversation she constantly chattered, and he fell asleep in boredom. 

One afternoon , Wendy was in the backyard practicing guitar, and she realized the baby was ready to be born.  Jackie was at work, but Gene was on hand to take her to the hospital.

Jackie and Wendy became the proud parents of baby girl Kaley.  She picked up the traits of Brave and Light Sleeper.

Henry couldn't help seemed Rosanna was his.  He confessed his attraction to her, in his mind it didn't really matter what came out of her mouth.  He was so strongly attracted to her that he asked her to go steady, and she said yes. 

The same day their Uncle Henry professed his love to Rosanna, the twins grew up.  Peter picked up the trait Loner.  Peter's dad Jackie laughed and pointed at his aging up.  That seems to be what he does with everyone when a birthday happens.

Humphrey picked up  the trait ambitious, like his aunt Marion.  Again, Jackie was pointing and laughing. 

And I think this is a good place to end this entry, I could go on forever with it, but it is time to break.  heh  At this point in time, the house if full to the max.  I may have to break down and expand it, but I am too lazy at this point.  There isn't room to do much of anything.   If Henry planted every type of plant he had in his inventory at one time, the Cartwrights would have a Perfect Garden, and if he and Gene pushed the fishing a little, they would be able to make Ambrosia.  Not sure  I want it.  The men could make a Perfect Aquarium. 

Marion has earned a total of $66,717 writing, and her current weekly royalties are $21,938.  She is about a third of the way through elderhood.  I am considering let her slow down with that and enjoy life.  She has accomplished all writer sub challenges.

I am in a quandry about Henry and Rosanna.  He really likes her, is just a few days from elderhood.  However, get engaged never comes up and I am thinking it is because she is a homeless Sim, and there is no room for her to move in.  I could move out Marion to make room for Rosanna, but then Henry and Rosanna would not be able to have kids.  The family certainly doesn't need any money that Marion could contribute, they are well off.  

Anyway, have fun simmin', everybody!



  1. Most likely it's the full house keeping the Propose option from coming up. Failing that, they have to be pretty far into the romantic interactions for it to come up. I totally get you about being too lazy to expand the house. I get that way a lot, though I ended up forced into expanding that house several times with my family to give them enough room for everyone and everything.

  2. Yup. In fact the look on Gene's face when Marion aged up looked like he was going to say "Sis, when did you get so old?!"