Saturday, January 12, 2013

Generation 1.2

Generation 2 has been born, as little Marion has been born to Shane and Kaylynn, and Bessie the ghost is working on the last two couple of guitar skills that will make her a Master of the Arts before she goes back into her tombstone.

Shane reaches a milestone shortly after Marion's birth.

This fulfills Shane's life time wish, so now everything he does can be counted in the challenge.    He is five days to elder.  Now he will shoot to win some other titles in his skilling journal.

He looks extremely debonaire his first day on the job as an International Super Spy....very James Bond-esque.  I can hear the theme music now......Kaylynn is still recuperating in bed after Marion's birth and still has a couple of days before she can return to work.  Bessie the ghost is coming in really handy as a caretaker for Marion when she isn't strumming on the guitar to try to make it to Master of the Arts.

Little Marion falls asleep in her swing while her mom plays the guitar.

Kaylynn ages to adult.  At this point in her life, she is only on level three of her job.  She can't afford to have any more children, she can't afford to take any more time off.  However, being off all this time has given her ample opportunity to bone up on her guitar skill.


*ASimWen takes out Master Controller and Overwatch, installs new patch*  

Ummmm....errrrr...okaaaaaaay.  *shrug* This happened just before Marion's birthday to toddler. heh

Also on that same day.....

Bessie Clavell returned to her tombstone.  So, no points for the challenge from Bessie.  She was about a half point away from winning Master of the Arts.  She swoops back into her tombstone, leaving behind thousands of simoleons worth of paintings around the house.  Shane took his friend's tombstone to the graveyard.

On the day of his birthday to elder, (before he actually aged)  Shane increased is athletic skill to level eight.  He called in a babysitter to watch Marion so he could report this important event o Llama Stadium.  Kaylynn was at work hoping to move up a level in her career.

Shane ages to elder alone in the bathroom.  Perhaps that is the reason for his goofy elder appearance.  Heh. Time for a makeover!

Shane gets his makeover, and immediately retires from his job as an International Super Spy.  It is time to let Kaylynn have her time in the limelight.  Shane will stay home with Marion while Kaylynn works to become a Rock Star.  In the meantime, Kaylynn did get her promotion at work, she is now a Band Manager, level four.  I have no idea why she goes off to work wearing a tool belt.

Kaylynn wanted to go play guitar in the park, and while there she increased her guitar level to 8.  This seemed like a good time to try out a harder composition with her new found skill, so off to the book store she went to to buy sheet music for Improvise Here and Now.  She learned it in front of an audience, then proceeded to earn $100 in tips.  Everyone thought she played wonderfully.

Marion ages up to child, and Shane gets a good memory that she grew up well, despite the scowl on her face.  He only had to remember that she is a naturally grumpy Sim.  Unlike her dad who loves computers, Marion received the trait of 'technophobe'.  (I roll a die, then hit 'scramble' that number to get traits.)

Since Marion is now a child, Shane wants to have another baby with Kaylynn.  So, since Shane wished it, he an Kaylynn tried for baby.  Shane is hoping for a boy, so Kaylynn's backpack was loaded with the delicious apples that Shane had been growing.  I noticed at this point that Kaylynn was short a trait, so one was added by roll.  Clumsy.

Kaylynn was fed a strict diet of excellent apples from Shane's apple tree, and the childrens' station was played on the radio around the clock.  Kaylynn could also be found watching the kids TV channel occasionally during her pregnancy.  She gave birth to 3 boys (my first set of triplets ever in this game).

Gene -


Light Sleeper

And this is where I end this entry.  Kaylynn is currently on on level six of her career and Shane's life meter isn't quite half way through elderhood.

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Triplets!!! Oh my...

    That house is no longer quiet. *snicker*

  2. Awesome, triplet boys. Triplets can be so much fun.

  3. Life in the Cartwright house just got interesting I see. Good luck to Kaylynn on getting her LTW with triplet babies in the house :)

  4. I think Kaylynn's title of Band Manager is just a fancy way of decribing a Roadie :)
    Congratulations on the boys!