Sunday, May 25, 2014

Generation 6.2

Penney decided that she had not lived enough life, and wondered what to do.  Being that her lifetime want was now changed to Alchemy, new tools were needed.  The Alchemy station her father Alec used was left in the old house on Island Paradise so a new one was purchased along with a chemist station.  Daria immediately rolled wishes to discover potions so she was put to work on it.

Penney went to work at the alchemy station.  Alas one day while studying, age caught up with her.

She was now in elderhood, and had not even started on her new LTW of using 50 alchemy elixirs on Sims.

However, she did manage to get to the top of the field, so now using 50 elixirs would be easier. 

In order to help his wife make elixirs, Deangelo visited the Alchemy shop everyday to see what was for sale.  He did manage to pick up some unusual things, like red valarian root and wolfsbane.  The Cartwrights did not have a garden going yet in Lucky Palms and had nothing for Penney to use in recipes.  He would also harvest the bee hives there of beeswax and honey.

To get the remaining ingredients Penney needed to make lots of elixirs, Deangelo would gather his wolf pack together and hunt.  Which also helped him acheive his LTW of 'collect items worth $40,000 while hunting with a pack."

Soon Penney had a whole collection of insects, gems, and mushrooms for potions.  But she was missing one ingredient she really needed.  The green swallowtail butterfly.  One day whilst working feverishly at the alchemy station she saw it right out the window in her own yard.  The green swallowtail butterfly.

She was able to catch one, and happiness was hers!

She had every thing she needed to turn back time!  And turn back time she did!

Penney was a young adult again.  Ready to mix 50 elixirs and use them on the citizens of Lucky Palms!


One evening Jacob Domingo arrived to help Deangelo develop his werewolf skills by fighting, werewolf style.  The paparazzi was there to record the whole thing!

And that is the end of this chapter with the Cartwrights.  Stay tuned for lots of magical fun in Lucky Palms!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ghostly Fun

Ghostly Fun

In the last chapter, the patriarch of the Cartwrights werewolf Deangelo thought to bite ghost Kaylynn Langerak, mother of the Cartwright clan six generations ago. 

Shame on you, Deangelo!  Hahaha!

By now there are 17 tombstones, which makes for a lot of trouble every night.  When the Cartwrights moved into their new home, a proper cemetery was laid out in the back yard.

 No mausoleum with a row of rocking chairs for the ghosts to keep them busy.

This kept the ghosts busy back in Island Paradise.  Ghosts love rocking chairs!  In Lucky Palms there was only one rocking chair.  In the butler's room.  This made for an awful cluster of ectoplasm dumped right in the middle of the room, and constantly awoke the butler.

It didn't take many nights before drastic action had to be taken.  Even though the Cartwrights now had a huge house, the ghosts managed to make life miserable for the living Cartwrights.  And the butler.  Playing on the computers, watching television, cooking food, and fighting over the lone rocking chair.  Not to mention making the player's life miserable by deleting constant messages:  *Sim Name* just saw the ghost of *Ghost Name*!  What to do ....  ASimWen loves her ghosts.

Answer = Put all the magnets that draw them out of sight.

Solution = Underground ghost bunker.

The gates were removed from the cemetery fence and the tombstones moved to the middle of the plot away from the fence.  A basement was put placed underground with steps going down, down, down.  This made the opening available only to dead Cartwrights.  

The Cartwright Ghost Club is in full swing.  That seemingly solid Sim down below is Wendy from generation 2.  Game bug, she is no longer transparent.  Werewolf Deangelo is out hunting this night, and sees the ghosts going down.  What do they do down there?

The place was decorated with stuff from the household inventory.  Only the computers and the rocking chairs were bought.  Yes nothing matches but then this is a basement for ghosts.  There are two 'solid' ghosts.  Gene and his sister in law Wendy. 

It takes them a little while to choose their chairs and settle down.

This keeps the ghosts busy and out of the house around 95% of the time.  Occasionally a lone Cartwright ghost will manage to float over to the house and make a plate of food, or haunt objects.  But this is a big improvement.  Yes indeedy. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Generation 6.1

Hello Lucky Palms! The Cartwrights have once again pulled up roots and moved due to trying to play them on a small lot in Island Paradise. My opinion is that world is not made for old multigenerational families.

This is also the home of Jacob Domingo, Werewolf Extraordinaire.  Perhaps they will meet!

This is where I am going to scratch build the Cartwright home.  It is a 40X40 lot right in the middle of town, and close to everything.  I found a nice four bedroom floorplan online labeled 'the Florida'.  thought it would fit right in with Lucky Palms.

Before moving, all the Cartwright tombstones were moved to the family inventory.   Then the 'household only' was moved, leaving everything behind.  All the gems, fish, seeds. Everything.   Hope this gives more of a 'fresh' start, as the game no longer gave platinum headstones to Sim who had met their LTW.  I noticed when I placed the Cartwright tombstones in Luck Palms, Gene Cartwright's tombstone indicated he died by fire, which was not true.  So the deaths are borked.  I hope this helps.  ( I figured with another werewolf in the house, the shortage of precious gems wouldn't matter anyway).

Spent hours building the house...I don't like to build.  I want to get right to playing.  The Cartwrights moved in during the middle of the night.

Daytime view.  :)  As time goes on, more landscaping may be added; gonna try this for a while to see how my machine handles this large lot.  I generally stick to smaller lots for smoother play.

Doesn't Deangelo look determined?  As soon as he woke up on the full moon day, he turned into his werewolf form.

He then traveled to the park where the summer festival was in full swing.  Jacob had much success here.  The same thing happened to Deangelo that happened to Jacob.  A whack on the head with a newspaper.

Oh who is this?  It is Richard Irwin, who happened to be wondering about the park.  The two werewolves compare fangs.  Deangelo compared his fangs to Richards, and asked him to join his pack.  He then had his first hunt with a pack.  Netted some bugs.

Being a full moon night Daria went outside and howled at the moon.  The werewolf children are cute.  heh

Deangelo finds the unicorn one night when he thought to go out and bite 5 people in one outing.  He had a pocket full of apples from the Cartwright home in Island Paradise, and started to make quick friends.  Oh but then what happened....

He suddenly turned to his human form, and had his birthday to adult.  Lightening the Unicorn was thinking of no one but himself and backed off the weird human/werewolf.  Deangelo went home, thinking to go out again another evening.

The next night Deangelo was out biting.


And he met up with Darren Dreamer, who no longer had fish scale legs.   The game shows the bite 'took'.  By now, Deangelo had 5 successful cursed bites toward his LTW.

Who is this sauve looking guy?  Why it is Jacob Domingo.  Looking quite debonaire.

The same evening, Alec decided he had worked enough, picked up the phone and retired from telling fortunes.  Unfortunately, right at that moment Grim came for him.  He was 92.

Marion Cartwright was out haunting and witnessed the spectacle, along with Penney.  I have never seen a ghost react to a Grim party for another Sim.

No platinum headstone.  Ah well.  However he contributed alot to the Completion Challenge.

Not to shabby.

Deangelo was on a biting spree and decided to bite the mother of the Cartwright clan, Kaylynn Langerak.  Apparently it was successful. This will be interesting.

The day after their grandfather's passing, was the twin's birthday.  Although people were called to come and celebrate, no one came as there was a pool party going on across the street at the Hendrix house.  No one knows the Cartwrights in Lucky Palms, at least not well enough to come to their kids' birthday party.

Damen picked up the Dog Person trait.

Daria picked up Absent Minded  (oh great).

Now Penney was able to go back to work as a lifeguard.  Knowing no one would come to the beach in the rain, Penney turned it off with the lifetime happiness reward.

Deangelo came to the beach every day with her to meet up with other werewolves.  Occasionally he was able to persuade them to form a pack with him and they would go hunting.  Jacob Domingo was always willing to hunt with him.

Being a good werewolf father, he brought his cubs..errrr...children to the cemetery during a full moon to do homework and to fish. 

Sometimes the whole family came to the beach with Penney.  Damen the werewolf boy who also had the 'dog person' trait was especially attractive to a little kitty who wouldn't leave him alone....No action going Sims ever needed to be saved.  After three days ASimWen became suspicious.  A test Sim was made and plunked down into Lucky Palms with the same LTW.  Sent this test sim to the beach every other day to lifeguard.  No.  No Sim every went into drown mode.  A few needed CPR, but those don't count for the Seaside Savior LTW.

So ASimWen realized that Penney's LTW of Seaside Savior was unattainable in Lucky Palms.  Penney Cartwright was nearing elderhood, and had racked up 4 points toward the Completion Challenge.  If she didn't reach her LTW her points wouldn't count.  What to do, what to do.

OOohhh. Penney.

Soooo Penney needed a new LTW, and needed her age set back.  *sigh*  To what length should ASimWen go for four points???

Penney doesn't have enough lifetime points to purchase the Young Again reward, so she gets the Change Lifetime Wish.

She chooses Alchemy Artisan.  Yes, there has already been one of these in the Cartwright family.  This guarantees she can use all her time making potions.  Oh yes....and her werewolf husband can hunt for items she needs to make potions.

Oh Penney....her friend Naomi Nita died.  Naomi was also friends with Jacob Domingo.

Alright then.  With all the beach drama, the photographer didn't take many pictures of Daria and Damen during their childhood years.  Teenager hood is here.  Damen looks angry all the time...

Daria grew up into the female werewolf hair.  Heh  This generation has moved away from the blond hair blue eyes in the Cartwright family tree.

And this is a good place to end this chapter of the Cartwrights.

Will Penney meet her LTW?
Will Deangelo manage to form a  wolf pack with his kids and go hunting?
Will the kids like being werewolves???

Ha.  All this and more will be answered in the next Cartwright chapter.

Thanks for reading!  Keep on Simmin'!