Sunday, May 25, 2014

Generation 6.2

Penney decided that she had not lived enough life, and wondered what to do.  Being that her lifetime want was now changed to Alchemy, new tools were needed.  The Alchemy station her father Alec used was left in the old house on Island Paradise so a new one was purchased along with a chemist station.  Daria immediately rolled wishes to discover potions so she was put to work on it.

Penney went to work at the alchemy station.  Alas one day while studying, age caught up with her.

She was now in elderhood, and had not even started on her new LTW of using 50 alchemy elixirs on Sims.

However, she did manage to get to the top of the field, so now using 50 elixirs would be easier. 

In order to help his wife make elixirs, Deangelo visited the Alchemy shop everyday to see what was for sale.  He did manage to pick up some unusual things, like red valarian root and wolfsbane.  The Cartwrights did not have a garden going yet in Lucky Palms and had nothing for Penney to use in recipes.  He would also harvest the bee hives there of beeswax and honey.

To get the remaining ingredients Penney needed to make lots of elixirs, Deangelo would gather his wolf pack together and hunt.  Which also helped him acheive his LTW of 'collect items worth $40,000 while hunting with a pack."

Soon Penney had a whole collection of insects, gems, and mushrooms for potions.  But she was missing one ingredient she really needed.  The green swallowtail butterfly.  One day whilst working feverishly at the alchemy station she saw it right out the window in her own yard.  The green swallowtail butterfly.

She was able to catch one, and happiness was hers!

She had every thing she needed to turn back time!  And turn back time she did!

Penney was a young adult again.  Ready to mix 50 elixirs and use them on the citizens of Lucky Palms!


One evening Jacob Domingo arrived to help Deangelo develop his werewolf skills by fighting, werewolf style.  The paparazzi was there to record the whole thing!

And that is the end of this chapter with the Cartwrights.  Stay tuned for lots of magical fun in Lucky Palms!


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