Monday, May 6, 2013

Generation 4.1

Humphrey Cartwright and Kaley Cartwright

We start this chapter with a peek at the G3 elders doing what they do best.  Napping in the rocking chairs, and grieving dead relatives.  Kaley is grieving for her brother, Pete the Emperor of Evil, who was also a werewolf.  RIP Peter.

And here is Kaley's ex-husband George the Mean Warlock complaining because the rocking chair is taken.   Sorry George, you will have to wait until Kaley wakes from her nap!  This is just about how exciting G3 is now.  heh

On to G4.  As required the Cartwrights all trooped down to the courthouse the next day for Blossom's graduation ceremony from high school.  Afterwords Blossom chose to have a pool party at the public pool, as she was very low on water needs.  (And that made for Completion Challenge points, too!)

Carla met this young man who talked alot about marriage and love.  His name is Carson Ojeda.  Master Controller reveals he is a teen ager.  Not for Carla, she is just a few days to her birthday to adult.  He is too young although it looks like his personality would be totally compatible with hers.

This is Benjamin Lindquist.  He and Blossom seem to get along well.  He is a young adult.  I will watch this relationship closely.  Especially since he is a Supernatural the Cartwrights have not married into the family yet.

Carla had her birthday to adulthood in the bedroom and her sister by dirt Blossom was there to celebrate it with her.  Things are looking pretty dim for Carla.  Her LTW is to make it to level 5 of 4 careers, and she has yet to reach level 5 of the first one.  The girl just doesn't like to work.  If I don't keep a close eye on her and make sure she goes out the door to the carpool, she will stay home.  Then she is late, which slows down her promotions.

Carla is starting to get opportunities to develop her street art skill.  I find this to be lots of fun.  Here the city wanted her to put one of her designs in town, let her pick the spot.  So she runs right over to the courthouse (as if to thumb her nose at Da Man for arresting her earlier for painting muriels) and put a medium size design on the wall.  In the mean time, a vampire was busy ranting.  heh.

Blossom finally worked up the courage to invite Benjimin Lindquist out on a date, and just as she drove away, Grim came for her Dirt Mother, Kaley Cartwright.  Again, ex husband Mean Warlock George was on hand to think with much chagrin that there will now be even more competition for the rocking chairs.  The eldest, Humphrey, is now the only remaining G3 alive.  This is so because he ate ALOT of life fruit. 

Kaley was quite productive in the Completion Challenge:

I shall miss Kaley; she was really lots of fun to play.  I am really liking Blossom at this point.  I think there will be more plantsims in the Cartwright family.  Not only will Blossom be the heir to the Cartwright fortune, there are six forbidden fruit seeds in inventory.

Yeah, this is a pretty scary picture.  This guy is Cary Napier, a fat bald guy who is a werewolf.  Ever since Blossom aged up to teenager, Cary appeared in her relationship panel as her boyfriend, and she had never met him.  I thought at first maybe she met him at the prom, but he was never young in her relationship panel.  Always a fat bald guy.  I never did anything about it thinking it was a glitch.  Anyway, on this day Blossom and Benjamin Lindquist were having a great date at the fall festival, and Cary shows up and ruins it.  Benjamin flies off saying Blossom has bad issues and didn't want to deal with it.  So I decided she needed to break up with Cary to end it.  heh  (and yes, this all happened before I installed Story Progression).  

With Cary out of the picture, Benjamin was more open to romantic dalliances with Blossom.  Even though she now has a naughty reputation.  heh.  Story Progression threw a message saying that Benjamin had a girlfriend, but to Blossoms he was fair game.  teehee!

Shane Cartwright and Kaylynn Cartwright, founders.
With eight tombstones now in the Cartwright back yard, competition was really fierce for the two rocking chairs in the house.  Finally put some outside.  Heh.  I think the Cartwrights will build a rocking chair shelter out there.  Keeps the ghosts mostly outside.  Kaylynn was always good in the house though.  Cleaned, and had been known to cook meals as a ghost. :-)

Blossom receives a call from Cary Napeir asking her if she has any fresh produce he could purchase.  She did have some as a result of the gardening she has been doing . She arrived at his house trailer, she sees that he now has a wife and a child.  He didn't waste any time.  Hmmm..doesn't Cary's wife's features match Blossom's?  Seems to me Cary just couldn't get her out of his system. 

That evening Blossom donned her formal gown.  (Ugh, must change that) and invited Benjamin out for a drink, and a little romance.  Free will, she blew flower kisses at him over and over until he could no longer think for himself....

She then asked him to break up with his girlfriend, and he did.  She asked him if he would go steady with her, and he agreed.  Then the big one...would he marry her?  And he agreed.  Naturally, the next item on the agenda was to plan a bachelorette party.  Okay Sims fans, what happens when a party is planned????

You got it.  That is like picking up the hotline directly to Grim's desk.  Buh-bye, Mean Warlock George.  Don't look at me that way Blossom.  You are the one who instigated this.  Just count your lucky petals it didn't happen during your party.

George (Ramey) Cartwright's contributions to the Completion Challenge:

The party was a huge success, having went on for 16 hours. It was talked about town as epic. Who is that lovely blonde sitting at that table in the gorgeous white gown and drinking alone?  Carla.  She has no interest in talking to any men, even though Blossom invited three men from her online dating file.

The next day was Saturday, and all slept in due to being partied out.  On Sunday, Blossom's wedding was held in the back yard.

It started out nicely, all the guests actually sat down to watch the nuptials.  Carla to the far left, Tyrone Sims (blue hair) next to her.  If you do not remember, he is the Cartwright's neighbor, and Gene Cartwright's love child with XRabbite Sims.

Right as the bride and groomn were saying their "I Do's", Carla stands up and puts her back to the ceremony for no apparent reason, and begins waving to the people she knew in the wedding guest crowd.  You would think she had the inappropriate trait.

Ha.  Who is that throwing love harts for the groom??

It is Latanya McCullough, Humphrey's fiancee, who will never take the name Cartwright.  Heh.  Wow looky there, Humphrey has his back to the wedding arch too!  Whaddup with the Cartwrights ignoring a Cartwright wedding?  Could it be that they feel Blossom is not a blood Cartwright?  And therefore had no rights to the Cartwright fortune? hehe

Benjamin Lindquist, you are now Benjamin Cartwright.  Errr...Ben Cartwright.  Heh.  How funny.

LTW - To Be Star News Anchor


Coward (Should be interesting with all these ghosts around the Cartwright lot)
Over Emotional

Looks like he is only supplying one trait for the Challenge that has not been played so far.  But I think it will be fun!

And that is it for this chapter.  :-)

Odd Pictures Out:

Pete Cartwright, Shane Cartwright
 When Pete haunts, it is with his werewolf face.  heh

Pete Cartright, Wendy (Flowers) Cartwright
The mausoleum/rocking chair palace for the ghosts.  It seems the maximum number of ghosts haunting at one time on this lot has been five.  So, five rockers.  The porch is nicely decorated so the area will be attractive for the ghosts to spend time in.  

Keep on Simmin'!



  1. Did the rocking chairs come with Generations? If so, I'm going to have to hurry up and get to that EP. Love the little mausoleum and ghost rocker porch you set up. Are there shelves inside for the urns? How many will it hold?

    1. The rocking chairs came with Supernatural, although it is very sweet when a Sim sits down and rocks the baby. You would think that it came with Generations. I opted to put the urns on pedestals in the mausoleum, I tried the shelves and didn't like the way it looked because I couldn't move the shelves up and down on the wall without Late Night installed, which I don't currently own. (I need to go and get it). I plan to have it installed before I run out of room for pedestals. I will put a picture of the inside of the mausoleum next update. :)

  2. Darn it! I was hoping those chairs came with Generations. Now it looks like I'm not going to be able to hold myself to one expansion at a time for my game! I wasn't in a hurry for Supernatural but now ZOMG must have! If only so that my ghosts are kept busy. I think I have um..9 ish on the lot now. Great tip Wen and love the rocking chair hangout!

    1. I found out last night zombies like them too. I took a picture that will be in my next update. The zombie stands there watching the ghosts rock and has the "having fun' icon in his/her thought bubble. Heh

  3. Zombies also like stereos and have zombie dance parties! :-)

    1. Zombie dance party! I should put something outside on the rocking chair porch to see if I can get them to dance! The more things I have out there to distract them the less groaning and shuffling around they will do! hahahaha!

  4. Interesting blog. It almost makes me wish I had purchased the game when it was on sale the other day. Almost. I did purchase the original game when it first came out but I can't find it. I'm thinking I may have given it to someone. Oh well. It's nice seeing what the game has evolved into but I guess I'll just keep on with TS2.

    1. I still love TS2, and trade off between the two games. TS3 gets really intense for me, and I do need to break from it and go to the more familiar for me, TS2. I play them both!