Thursday, April 18, 2013

Generation 3.3

Upon opening the lot of the main family in Sunset Valley this round after the miserable loss of the Henry Cartwright splinter family in Monte Vista, I was overjoyed to see this.  I had made a copy of Henry and his wife Roseanne for the game library after evicting them to another house in Sunset Valley.   I then resumed play for them in Monte Vista.  Due to a series of terrible glitches, I had to stop playing them.  I was so sad.   In the mean time, the real original Henry Cartwright died in Sunset Valley.  His ghost was available to carry on.   I decided to take this route rather than putting the library copy of Henry and Rosanna in the house.  

Pete cries about the fact he brought his uncle Henry back to life, instead of his mother.  Poor, poor soul.  A science station was immediately bought for Henry's use, along with a chemistry table.  The house is remodeled with a nice second story to hold all this stuff Henry will need.

That night, Humphrey gets abducted.  A few hours after returning from his alien joy ride, he felt awful and bloated.  He figured he had suddenly gained a weight after working hard to lose.  Isn't that the way it always goes?

Kaylee dresses up in her best finery, and reaches level 10 in alchemy.  Now, to make 47 more elixers....heh  She made three in university.

Awwww, true love...George the handsome warlock melts whenever he sees his crazy insane alchemist wife Kaylee.  George's LTW is to become a Renaissance Sim.  At this point in his life, he hasn't maxed any skill yet.  Working on logic.

Lots of great things happening...I began to think I was going to have everything in Sunset Valley that had been accomplished in Monte Vista.  Alien baby, plant sims....I was so excited.  I spent a couple of hours remodeling the house, and part of that was building a second story.  I tried to save, game crashed.    :( :(  So I bring the game back up, remodel the house *again* and try to save.  Nope. I go online, and find out there is a problem that started around the time Seasons came out with adding a second story.  *Major.  Frustration.*  I certainly wasn't in the mood for this with all the trouble I had with the Cartwrights in Monte Vista.

I found a cure on the official website, believe it or not.  heh  I applied this fix:

1. Save family and house to the library.
2. Evict the family to the clipboard.
3. Bulldoze remaining house.
4. Replace family and house from library.
5. Evict family from newly placed house.
6. Move original family back in to house from the clipboard (top family).
7. Re-setup your active family.
8. Build new floor.
9. Save. 

 I happily rebuilt the second story, and began to play.  One of the ways the Cartwrights were different after spending time in the game library, they were not crying all over the place mourning the death of Wendy.  That was a relief.  I think two days of crying is a bit much.  Anyway.  To continue the story of the Cartwrights:

George cast a good luck charm on his brother in law, Mayor Humphrey Cartwright.  He is going to need it in politics.  (yes, the wallpaper is different than one picture up.  This is due to the numerous remodeling attempts).  Humphrey then proceeds to get three calls in a row from women asking for dates.  heh.

Now this rates high on the creep scale...this is a ghost finding Pete attractive...and the ghost is Wendy, his mother.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.  I clicked on the thumbnail, and the game zoomed onto Wendy's ghost which was haunting. 

Kaley decides to put her alchemy skills to use and mixes up some skill booster for her husband George who after all, wants to be a Renaissance Sim. (max three skills).

Yum yum!  George gains a skill point in logic.

Kaley and George's daughter Carla ages up to toddler.  What a cutie-patooty!

Two of the Cartwright men have taken to wearing overalls.  Erm....Humphrey you don't look very much like a polished politician!  You look more like a dirt farmer!

Err no wait.  Pete is not wearing overalls.  It is a shirt that looks like overalls.  heh.  His criminal burglar mask looks like it is painted on.  That tickles me.

Heh.  Another arrest for Pete.  Somehow the cops think all the inmates in the jail are eggheads.  'Fraid they will start a riot over Pete's science book.  (Pete has been showing wishes to make potions on the chemistry table, so he has been studying up.)

Second generation Marion has come out to haunt.  Of course, the game threw 7 or 8 messages saying that everyone had seen her ghost.  At any rate, Marion decided to cook breakfast for everyone after building a snowman outside, and putting Carla in her swing and turning it on.  Marion is a great help.

Pete what the baker you are!  That punkin pie looks delicious!  What is that?  Oh, you are taking cooking classes while passing time in jail?  heh  Well then you will be a professional baker and patissier, in no time!

Jackie whips out his wallet to show off pictures of his grand baby Carla, all the while bragging about her to the maid.

Poor poor George.  Kaley used a 'Large and Leading' potion to make him gain a few pounds, then she scared him with a megaphone.  You are one Evil Sim, Kaley!

Buh-bye, George.....

Gene threw a wish to win a game against his son Tyrone he had with the neighbor, Xrabbite Sims.  So off he went to play rock paper scissors with him. It was intense.  When the game was over the two went off to the winter festival, joining the rest of the Cartwrights who were already there.

Then, tragedy struck.

Inappropriate Jackie passed away right in the middle of town, at the Winter Festival, on Snowflake Day at that.  How sad to pass away on a holiday.  Kaley collected his tombstone and took him home.  Um, George has thoughts of a platter of food dying. The only brother left of the Cartwright triplets now is Gene.

Jackie contributed 8 points to the Completion Challegne:

Oh Tyrone you mean thing you!  Smashing Carla's dolly house!  Poor Carla!  I think Tyrone would make a nice addition to this house!

Gene passes away while visiting the local watering hole with Xrabbite, his mistress and mother of his son Tyrone.  Humphrey stepped up to familial duty and made the trip to fetch Gene's tombstone.  Xrab looks so sad. 

Gene contributed 9 points to the Completion Challenge:

While I am at it, brother Henry accomplished alot while in Monte Vista, and I have decided to include it all because he did meet his LTW, although he did become borked and I could not play him until he had his final meeting with Grim. 

I am giving Henry credit for playable alien because he did have an alien child in Monte Vista, plus the credit for playable plantsim, as he created 3 of them through gene splicing.  I will however continue to try to accomplish these again in this challenge.

Current point totals by generation:

Gen 1 - 16 pts
Gen 2 - 40 pts
Gen 3 - 28, so far 

Total for the challenge:   84

These points include points contributed by Breckin Cartwright, son of Henry Cartwright in the doomed Monte Vista splinter family.   I am toying around with the idea of attempting to split him from the borked Monte Vista hood and bringing him back into the fold in Sunset Valley.

This has been one Sim week of play, and action packed it was.  This is where I leave the Cartwrights for this entry.  Currently residing in the house:
  • Kaley Cartwright - LTW to become an Alchemy Artisian
  • Warlock George (Ramey) Cartwright - LTW to become a Renaissance Sim
  • Aspiring politician Humphrey Cartwright - LTW to become Leader of the Free World
  • Two bit criminal Pete Cartwright - LTW to become Emperor of Evil
  • Toddler Carla Cartwright
Seems like to me there is room for a couple more Sims in this house, stay tuned!



  1. I think you're totally ok with counting Monte Vista Henry's points since he finished his LTW. Robin's rules say you can move a sim out and still count their points if they finished LTW, so I'd think getting borked would be the same kind of deal. Good luck with re-creating the alien and plant sim achievements.

  2. You're a very efficient simmer! I don't have near that much points!

    1. One thing I do is constantly review available points on the scoresheet to make sure I am not missing anything. That helps to keep the points up. For instance not until after G1 Shane and Kaylynn passed away did I realize I needed to give points for both the LTW and the profession.