Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Generation 7

Now it is 'all about Damen and Daria', Generation 7.

Upon turning adult, Daria immediately received a phone invitation to go out on a date with this elderly vampire.  It was on a full moon night which naturally meant she would be in her werewolf state.  Unfortunately the date was in the scrap yard, and she just couldn't help herself, she kept foraging and forgetting about her date.  (absent minded trait).  So the date was a complete flop.

Daria started thinking that she just might like to skip the whole courtship/marriage thang and get a child the shortcut way by wishing for one.  She kissed the wishing coin before throwing it into the well.

Boil, boil, toil and trouble!!!!

Daria peered closely at the little girl...she seemed....odd.

The girl mocked her new mother.

Kristin Cartwright


  • Evil
  • Genius
  • Technophobe
My oh my.

Daria takes to the chin up bar to give a lot of thought to the matter of the evil daughter.  After a while, she thought she knew what to do.

Daria borrowed the 'opposite personality' potion from her mother and tossed it at Kristin.  She did not get the results she wanted.....'technophobe' was dropped, and 'bot fan' was picked up.  heh  Ah well.

On the flip side, Daria has found someone close by she is clearly attracted to.  The founder of the Cartwrights, Shane Cartwright.  She attempts to make friends with him when appears.  Who knows where this will go....

Deangelo found this odd looking ornamental bush at the local home store.  He brought it home thinking it would look great on the back patio.  What is that growing on there?  Jellybeans?  A nibble of a jellybean from this bush made him so tired he had to go lay down for a while.

This time he received a 'hot seat' from a bite of jellybean..luckily the butler was on hand to put out the flames.

Deangelo managed to make it to his birthday, and the family (along with the butler) was on hand to help him celebrate. 

Kristin took to playing in the tree house in the back yard.  The Cartwrights had always had the tree house, but for generations no children paid attention to it.  Until Evil Genius Kristin.  She slept there was well, no one dare tell her not to.

In the meantime, Penney had gotten herself a magical makeover from the magic mirror.  This look fits her much better as an Alchemist.  She went to work on the "Kristin" issue....evil genius Kristin.  Surely there is a potion to fix her personality!

Penney found just the thing to fix her granddaughter.

Kristin:  Nope, nope, there ain't nothing you can do to change me!!!!

Suddenly there was a nicer more subdued Kristin.

New traits:
  • Diva
  • Unlucky
  • Good
The Cartwrights will take it!~  Thanks Granny Penney!

Deangelo found a hot chili pepper jellybean!

When ASimWen wasn't looking, Penney ate one that turned her a pretty golden yellow.  Put her in a might fine mood.  Kristin stares at her gramma acting all funny.

Penney attempted to take a call on her phone.  However her two children were arguing very loudly, and both being werewolves it was especially loud.  Damen was making fun of Daria's wolf-liness.  Penney resolved to fix this situation.

She threw one of the potions she made at her daughter.  What was it?


Ah. The Potent Cure. This calls for a makeover.

Very nice.  :)

In the meanwhile, Deangelo put himself on fire *again* with the jellybean bush.  This time he was not so lucky.  There was no one around to put him out.  The butler had taken the day off (Sunday).  And Damen (who had the 'brave' trait) was out helping the police with an investigation by acting as a psychic to find the missing Golden Lama.

Death by fire, via the jellybean bush.  Thank you, Deangelo!  He actually had a wish locked in to eat 20 jellybeans, and he was on number 17.  His contribution to the Completion Challenge:

The gnomes were bought from the consignment shop.  He went quite often, as did Penney, and I really don't know who brought them home.  I gave the credit to Deangelo so his scorecard wouldn't look completely miserable.

Kristin had her birthday all by herself, everyone was busy mourning Deangelo's passing.  She picked up the trait 'irresistible'. 

Damen decided to try his luck at the wishing well, and wished for happiness, to ease the pain of losing his dad.

His wish was granted, but he really didn't feel any better. So he wished again, for a child. What could make him feel better than that?

A puppy could make him feel better than that, that's what!  The well blessed him with this little doggie who Damen named Deigo.  Well, this makes sense.  Damen is a werewolf, and possesses the 'dog lover' trait.  Already he felt better about things.  He and Deigo went home.

And this is where we will end this chapter of the Cartwrights. 

In the meantime.....

Daria continues to date the elderly vampire and catches ghostly Shane Cartwright for attention any chance she gets when he haunts...and she is on level 6 of the military career.

Damen scores double on this ghostly find in this client's house.  He is on level six of the Paranormal Profiteer job.

Penney has aged to adult and continues to throw alchemy potions at folks.  This is the result of the Origins of the Tragic Clown potion. 

And that's it!

Keep on Simmin'!



I have revised Blossom Cartwright's point total.  Her LTW was to max all social groups, which she met.  I neglected to give her credit for each of the groups individually; jock, nerd, and rebel.  That increases her contribution from six to nine.

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