Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Generation 2

Townie Wendy Flowers, Gene, Jackie and Henry Cartwright
It is time for Generation 2's story.  This day is the triplet's birthday, and Wendy Flowers has come home with Gene on the bus.  Gene is the only one who has ever brought a friend home.  The kids have just gotten over the passing of their father Shane, and life is getting  back to normal.

Jackie picks up the trait Loves The Outdoors, Gene picks up Commitment Issues, and Henry picks up Genius.  So, all three of the boys are geniuses.  heh  Jackie wants to be a Star News Anchor, Gene wants to be a Renowned Surgeon, and Henry wants to be a Creature Robot Cross-Breeder.

That same day, two of Marion's brothers were on hand for her birthday.  She picked up the 'ambitious' trait.  To review Marion:

Illustrious Author
Great Kisser

Despite being a technophobe, she doesn't seem to have an issue using the PC.  She does however complain when the television set is on.

Henry has just defeated his first ranked chess tournament (the loser is there in the background) and then went to work in his dad's garden.  He will need these gardening skills for his job in Science.

Townie Cara Billingsley, Jackie and Gene Cartwright
Jackie and Gene vie for a chance to talk with Cara.  Gene had just discovered a new star, and wanted to tell Cara all about it.

Henry heard of Gene's success at finding a new star, and wanted to do the same.  However, he saw a meteor drop from the sky, made note of it, then went to collect it.

Townie Yusun Flowers and Gene Cartwright
Gene has been invited to the Flowers home twice by now, after the youngest coming home with him on the bus as a child.  His brothers have not been interested in girls so far, but funny, Gene is the one with commitment issues.  heh

Shane comes out to haunt almost every night.  This night he whips out a laptop from someplace to use.  The Cartwrights don't own a laptop.

Marion in the meantime took an afternoon to go to the movies.  She had been spending hours at the easel painting, and was feeling a little stir crazy.  But so far is a half point away from maxing her painting skill. 

The outing to the movie theater helped Marion to get her painting mojo back. and maxed out her painting skill two days later.   Then, she sat down to start writing.

The same day, Kaylynn comes out of the theatre at 1:00 am, with a promotion to Rock Star.  At the age of 91, she has met her Life Time Wish.  This means that everything she has done for the Completion Challenge maybe be included .  Summary:

This makes a total of 16 points earned in the challenge so far.

Kaylynn immediately retires from the rock and roll life to stay home with her nearly grown family.  She hopes for grandchildren soon.  She got a call one day from Malcom Landgraab, who asked her to drop by some delicious produce from the family garden.  While there, the couple found out that they still held an attraction to each other, even after all these years, as they were childhood sweethearts. 

In the meanwhile, Jackie is asked out on a date by LaShawn Christian, to the cemetery of all places!  And, after dark!  There is chemistry here!

This day the boys come home from school, and as if they knew it would be their last chance to do so, sat together around the table to do their homework together, all at the same time.  Today is their birthday, the day they will age up to young adults.

Gene picked up the trait Lucky.  To review Gene:

World Renowned Surgeon
Commitment Issues
Never Nude

Jackie, in the forground, picked up Inappropriate.  To review Jackie:

Star News Anchor
Loves the Outdoors
Light Sleeper

Henry, in the background, picked up Handy.  To review Henry:

Creature-Robot Cross Breeder

And this is where this chapter ends.  Stay tuned for the adult life for the Cartwright triplets in Sunset Valley!



  1. Just imagine a grumpy and inappropriate news anchor in a TV set close to you! :D Just too funny!

  2. And seriously, can one have too many 91 year old rockstars? I think not. lol