Saturday, February 2, 2013

Generation 2.1

Kaylynn Cartwright and Malcom Langraab
This day the triplets have gone off for their first day of work.  Malcom calls Kaylynn and asks her out on a date to the community swimming pool. are being a real don juan there, Malcom....Kaylynn's life meter is at it's end, and has been for several days. 

While on her date with Malcom, Kaylynn received a call from the restaurnt inquiring whether or not she had some Very Nice or better apples from her garden to sell to  them, as they were out and could not get any from their vendor.  She rushed over to deliver the apples, then received an unwelcome visitor as she came out of the restaurant.

Jackie's teen aged love interest LaShawn Christian was on hand to witness the spectacle.

Marion had just wrapped up a deal to become a partner at the bookstore, and heard of her mother's demise at the restaurant.  She rushed over to take care of business.

When Marion arrived, her mother was already gone.  She collected the tombstone, and took it home.

Shane and Kaylynn's children decided it was time to pay homage to their parents, out of respect, and had a funeral party.  Jackie hooked up with his crush from high school, (who had since aged up to young adult) LaShawn Christian.  She was especially sympathetic since she was present when Kaylynn passed.

Henry found the family's childhood friend, Wendy Flowers. 

However, Jackie felt a strong magnetic attraction when he was in the room with Wendy. 

The next day was Saturday, and Jackie invited Wendy to the park.  They shared a picnic lunch and chatted the afternoon away.  And then Jackie blurted it out, he asked Wendy to move in with him and his brothers and sister.  She agreed!

Wendy Flowers

Master Of The Arts
Over Emotional
Green Thumb
Computer Whiz

In the mean time....

Now Marion's stats can be included in the challenge. 

Wendy Flowers and Jackie Cartwright
After living in the Cartwright house for several days, Wendy finally receives a proposal of marriage from Jackie, and she accepts.

The wedding party was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, in the park.  The Cartwright siblings set up a fine outing with music, food, and a dance floor, as they were expecting a long list of people to come.

Just as the guests started arriving, Wendy started feeling sick.  She didn't know if she would be able to make it through the party.

At last the time came to exchange rings.  Family friend LaShawn Cameron (who had had her own chance with Jackie) stood right up front to watch the nuptials.  Right beside her was Mr. No Commitment, Gene Cartwright.  Off to the left was Marion....

Who cried and cried.  Weddings do that to some people.

Brother Henry stayed long enough to see the the rings exchanged, the went home.  He was a self contained scientist after all, weddings were silly emotional things.

The party went late into the evening, and it was then that Wendy announced that she was pregnant.  Oh my!

Sadly, Gene's boss from the hospital, Avri, passed during the party.  Some people left after witnessing the passing, but that wasn't enough to put a damper on the party.  It was still epic, and everyone felt good about attending.  The Cartwrights trooped home, tired but happy.

Jackie and Wendy are the proud parents of twin boys, Peter and Humphrey. (After Peter Lorre and Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca.)

Peter Cartwright

Easily Impressed

Humphrey Cartwright

Heavy Sleeper

And this is where this entry is ended, with the birth of generation 3.

A few stats:

Marion is now contributing to the Completion Challenge.  She is working toward a writing bonus, and so far has completed the Specialist Writer, in Science Fiction.  She is working toward Prolific Writer, (20 books written) she is working on number 16.

Henry is on level six of the science career, and has completed Botanical Boss in gardening.

Jackie is on level six of the journalism career, and has completed Celebrity and Personable skills under Charisma.

Gene is on level 7 of the medical career, and hasn't completed anything extra.  But he does love to fish and cook in his spare time. 

Wendy is new to the family and has not yet completed anything extra.


  1. RIP Kaylynn, and congratulations to Jackie and Wendy. Do you anticipate any of the others marrying?

    1. The other three siblings date on a regular basis, answering the phone calls that come in for dates. I use Twallan's Master Controller to check the dates' ages and whether or not they already have a partner. If they are too far into young adulthood, or already involved in a relationship, they do not make it into the Cartwright fold.

  2. OMG, Jackie has really defined muscles!

  3. Yes, seriously! Who knew Jackie was hiding all that under that suit. Farewell Kaylynn. You will be missed. Congrats Jackie & Wendie. You seem to have your work cut out for you. :-)