Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ghostly Fun

Ghostly Fun

In the last chapter, the patriarch of the Cartwrights werewolf Deangelo thought to bite ghost Kaylynn Langerak, mother of the Cartwright clan six generations ago. 

Shame on you, Deangelo!  Hahaha!

By now there are 17 tombstones, which makes for a lot of trouble every night.  When the Cartwrights moved into their new home, a proper cemetery was laid out in the back yard.

 No mausoleum with a row of rocking chairs for the ghosts to keep them busy.

This kept the ghosts busy back in Island Paradise.  Ghosts love rocking chairs!  In Lucky Palms there was only one rocking chair.  In the butler's room.  This made for an awful cluster of ectoplasm dumped right in the middle of the room, and constantly awoke the butler.

It didn't take many nights before drastic action had to be taken.  Even though the Cartwrights now had a huge house, the ghosts managed to make life miserable for the living Cartwrights.  And the butler.  Playing on the computers, watching television, cooking food, and fighting over the lone rocking chair.  Not to mention making the player's life miserable by deleting constant messages:  *Sim Name* just saw the ghost of *Ghost Name*!  What to do ....  ASimWen loves her ghosts.

Answer = Put all the magnets that draw them out of sight.

Solution = Underground ghost bunker.

The gates were removed from the cemetery fence and the tombstones moved to the middle of the plot away from the fence.  A basement was put placed underground with steps going down, down, down.  This made the opening available only to dead Cartwrights.  

The Cartwright Ghost Club is in full swing.  That seemingly solid Sim down below is Wendy from generation 2.  Game bug, she is no longer transparent.  Werewolf Deangelo is out hunting this night, and sees the ghosts going down.  What do they do down there?

The place was decorated with stuff from the household inventory.  Only the computers and the rocking chairs were bought.  Yes nothing matches but then this is a basement for ghosts.  There are two 'solid' ghosts.  Gene and his sister in law Wendy. 

It takes them a little while to choose their chairs and settle down.

This keeps the ghosts busy and out of the house around 95% of the time.  Occasionally a lone Cartwright ghost will manage to float over to the house and make a plate of food, or haunt objects.  But this is a big improvement.  Yes indeedy. 


  1. Very clever :) I'll have to remember this idea for the future on some of my lots.

    1. thanks. I did have to remove the bookshelf pictured. The living Cartwrights would attempt to put a book away there and had routing issues. Naturally. lol

  2. Great ghost basement! Soon something like that is needed in my S3 legacy, too!