Saturday, June 14, 2014

Generation 6.3 are the Cartwrights at the Spring Festival, and Penney is pulling some magical hijinks. She has thrown the AdNausem elixir at townie Adian Meir. She then received a message:

She has learned all the alchemy recipes! Who knows what will happen in Lucky Palms! Penney is on a mission:  to use all 44 elixirs in Alchemy.

A sure fire way to ward off a pesky zombie is throwing a flask of angry bees on it. 

Or by pouring a vial of potent sleep on thing is for sure, she isn't making any friends doing these sorts of things.

By now the Cartwrights had been in Lucky Palms long enough they knew a few people.  A party was thrown for the twins' birthday to adult.

They patiently wait for everyone to gather 'round.

Daria blew out her candles first.  She gained the trait Bot Fan.  Her LTW is to Become an Astronaut.

  • Absent Minded
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Dramatic
  • Bot Fan
  • Heavy Sleeper

 Damen gained the trait of proper.  His LTW is to be a Paranormal Profiteer.

  • Brave
  • Disciplined
  • Eccentric
  • Proper
  • Dog Person

Of course upon growing up, the ceremony for high school graduation soon took place at the courthouse.  Damen was especially glad to get high school over with, and start his exciting career in ghost hunting.

Daria was the class valedictorian!

Good family friend Jacob Domingo accompanied the Cartwrights to the courthouse for the ceremony, and began to flirt with Penney whilst her husband Deangelo was doing some werewolf fighting with their son Damen.  This fact was not lost upon the two werewolves!

To try to forget what they saw a trip to the weather stone was in order to do a little convincing.  Maybe they could get a hunters storm!  Nothing like doing some real werewolf-ly things to get their minds off domestic troubles!

They did not find favor with the weather stone, so they did a little hunting as a pack around the park and picked up alot of great things.

Daria in the meantime went right to the military base and signed on for a hitch.  She also took a class in handiness, then went home to study up some more.

It was only one day before Damen received his first call to banish a home of ghosts.  His client was especially grateful.

At last!  Deangelo has won his lifetime wish!  He has gained $40,000 in goods while hunting with the pack.  Woohoo!  This means his contribution to the challenge so far is only one point, for winning Leader Of the Pack.  This means that he is swell fodder to win a ghost color for the Cartwrights.  Things between him and Penney are on a downward slope; at this point in his life with just a few days to elder it would take too much to get any more accomplishments from him for the challenge.  His use is done; to find all sorts of items for Penney to make potions and to be the father of generation 6. 

And this is where we end this chapter with the Cartwrights. 


At this point, Generation 7 has just begun their careers, and Generation 6 is winding down.  All that is left for Penney is to use all the potions in Alchemy for the challenge and try to fulfill all the master skills there.  How many pictures can be taken of her throwing potions at people?  However, ASimWen has plans for her elixirs in the future.

Stay tuned for something exciting in the next chapter, Generation 7.

Keep on Simmin'!


  1. I have to say that I do enjoy reading about your supernatural's! They do look like lots of fun and it seems there is never a dull moment which is always great. I don't think I'll be tempted back to TS3 though and will wait patiently (and fairly excitedly) for TS4!

    1. thanks Twoyys! I too am looking forward to TS4, although I am still discovering things in TS2, and most assuredly TS3! I haven't even touched the iceberg in TS3. There will be more supernataural fun with the Cartwrights in the next few chapters as Penney uses up the rest of the potions she needs to for the Alchemy master skills!